Journey to the planet Pandora

Путешествие на планету Пандора

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Who sometimes doesn’t want to take part in their favorite waking movie? Is it better to understand what the main characters were going through? China Travel invites you to the other side of the screen – to the planet Pandora.

The creators of the movie “Avatar” chose the mountains of Zhangjiajie National Park as a prototype of the soaring mountains on the planet Pandora. After all, when the mountains of Zhangjiajie Park are in the fog, they really seem to float.

Путешествие на планету Пандора

There are 4 days waiting for us in Zhangjiajie, and we will not be bored. During this time:

  • take the funicular up to the mountains Tianjin, let’s go on a excursion to the mountains and go down on the elevator “Hundred Dragons”. It is the tallest open elevator in the world. It lifts tourists to a height of 360 m.
  • let’s take a boat ride on Lake Baofeng and enjoy the incredible beauty of the scenery
  • let’s go to the cave of the “Yellow Dragon”. This is a very large and charming karst cave. According to research by scientists, water dripping from the ceiling slowly dissolved limestone for centuries. Because of this, the cave has become so huge and special inside
  • we will see one of the most famous attractions of the park – Mount Tianmenshan. It is also called the Heavenly Gate
  • let’s walk along the longest glass bridge in the world. It is located at an altitude of 260 meters, reaches a width of 6 meters, and extends for 430 meters in length

Путешествие на планету Пандора

In addition, some of the most famous cities in China – Shanghai, Beijing and Suzhou – are waiting for us on this trip.

In Shanghai, we will see “Garden of Joy” – a very beautiful architectural and landscape complex consisting of plants, ponds, stone buildings and compositions. As well as the TV tower “Pearl of the East” – the third tallest tower in Asia and the fifth in the world.

From Shanghai we will go on an excursion to Suzhou. We will see the canals of the old city, the gardens of the “Humble Official” and of the “Fisherman”, Tiger Hill, Silk Museum, from where you can bring great gifts for family and friends.

We will visit Beijing:

  • Tibetan Buddhist Temple Yonghegong
  • Tiananmen Square, which until the twentieth century was the largest in the world
  • “Forbidden City” – this is the famous palace complex where Chinese emperors lived. It consists of more than 800 buildings and about 10,000 rooms, and has approximately one million exhibits
  • Dashilan shopping street.The market here was formed back in 1420 and is still very popular with the residents of Beijing
  • The Great Wall of China – a wonder of the world and the most grandiose defensive structures ever erected in the whole world
  • The Summer Imperial Palace is a park and palace complex located on an area of about 290 hectares. There are more than 3,000 structures on the territory – pavilions, towers, bridges.
  • Temple of Heaven, built in 1420

Tour “Hello Pandora!” Block

Duration: 10 days/9 n.

Route: Beijing-Zhangjiajie-Shanghai

Departure date: 12.09

The cost of ½ DBL: from 248,422 rubles. ($2,690)

Avatar Tour 2024

Duration: 10 days/9 n.

Route: Shanghai-Suzhou-Zhangjiajie-Beijing

Departure dates: 27.07, 10.08, 12.10, 26.10

The cost of ½ DBL: from 229,398 rubles. ($2,484)

The price of tours includes:

  • Hotel accommodation (meals according to the tour program)
  • Transportation service on air-conditioned buses
  • Group visa to China
  • Guided tours with Russian-speaking guides according to the program (including entrance tickets)
  • International air travel
  • Domestic flight
  • Medical insurance

Let’s go to Pandora!

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