South Korea – and 10 days is not enough!

Южная Корея – и 10 дней мало!

“National Tourism Organization of Korea” (Moscow representative office), LjN8K86N1

Soleance Travel Company and the Moscow representative office of the National Tourism Organization of Korea invite you to spend your vacation in South Korea. The country is so rich in cultural monuments and natural attractions that a standard week-long tour is clearly not enough! South Korea is full of ancient palaces and modern skyscrapers, ancient traditions and mega–popular mass culture, authentic cuisine and limitless shopping opportunities. And there is also the sea and beaches!

Take a walk through the ancient Changdeokgung Palace and take amazing keepsake photos in traditional hanbok costumes. Try the unsurpassed pibimpap, one of the most popular dishes in South Korea, which is a beautifully laid out set of appetizers made from meat or seafood, mushrooms, spinach or zucchini. And all this on a pillow of white rice, where a fried egg crowns the middle.

And the nightlife of Seoul with bright lights, cheerful music and cheerful people will spin you in a whirlpool of pleasant impressions!

Take a walk through the picturesque Namsan Park, where many exotic species of trees and flowers are planted, and the famous Seoul Tower stands on a hill in the middle of the park. There are fabulous walking paths, along which it is so pleasant to take a leisurely promenade, admiring the beautiful nature. And after a walk, find peace and tranquility in the Choges Temple, considered the heart of Korean Zen Buddhism. 

The high-speed KTH train will take you from bustling Seoul to seaside Busan in just a few hours. Here you will find a fish market, the product range of which is breaking all records. Taste the seafood and make useful purchases, taking with you excellent fish delicacies.

And, of course, a beach holiday! The calm waters of the Korean Strait and well-equipped beaches will turn your summer trip into a real relaxation, charging you with positive emotions and a great mood for a long time!

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