We are flying to Korea: how do I choose the best tour for myself?

Летим в Корею: как выбрать лучший тур для себя?

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People around the world More and more people are showing interest in South Korea: some are inspired by its multifaceted culture and flavor, others by the beauty industry, the popular K-Pop music subculture and famous dramas.

It is an attractive country combining rich cultural heritage, modern technology and impressive sights. A trip to Korea promises an unforgettable experience, which is why it occupies a well-deserved place in the list of the most desirable and interesting tourist destinations.

But how do you choose a tour that takes into account your interests, as well as the main places of the country? Answer: 10-day tours to Korea from a tour operator with 19 years of experience Corona Travel.

Choose The 10-day tour “The main places of Korea 2024”, which will take you to the world of ancient temples and palaces. You can walk through the trendy streets of Seoul, enjoy the endless rice fields and mountain scenery. The country, which has literally transformed over the past decades, will impress you with its skyscrapers, modern technology and bright night lights. Enjoy shopping in trendy boutiques, taste unique cuisine in star-level restaurants and feel the pulsating rhythm of the big city. Each place on this tour will surprise you with its unique charm.

Make your summer unique with the 10-day Seoul-Busan Summer 2024 tour.

Summer in South Korea is a time of vivid impressions and unforgettable moments! With Corona Travel, you will embark on an exciting journey through two of the most interesting cities in the country: the capital Seoul and the resort Busan.

First, you will plunge into the atmosphere of the modern metropolis of Seoul, where every street is permeated with history and modernity. Visit ancient palaces and temples, stroll through elegant shopping streets, taste national dishes and feel the spirit of oriental flavor.

After that, you will move to picturesque Busan, where crystal clear sea, cozy beaches and amazing nature await you. Relax by the sea, visit the most beautiful temples and enjoy the local cuisine.

Korea should be studied comprehensively, gradually opening new cities. Embark on an exciting trip, during which you will cover the sights of bustling megacities and authentic settlements. The North-East-South 2024 tour of Korea offers magnificent palaces, vibrant natural sites and unique traditions for 10 days.

All tours of South Korea from Corona Travel include: full escort, accommodation in comfortable hotels with breakfast, excursions with entrance tickets, travel on a convenient transfer with professional Russian-speaking guides who will tell you about all the interesting places. You will get the opportunity to experience real Korean customs, taste traditional dishes and learn a lot about the cultural heritage of the country.

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