Where to live for a Russian tourist in “deep” China: a review of hotels with photos

Где жить российскому туристу в «глубинном» Китае: обзор отелей с фото

Tour operators began to receive more requests for the original China. Yunnan, Shanxi, and Guizhou provinces often come to the attention of travelers looking for new experiences from China. We personally tested the hotels in these provinces and prepared a review with photos.

Russian tour operators and a correspondent of Vestnik ATOR are visiting China these days, exploring new facets of China as part of a truly unique study tour organized by the tour operator China Tour & Business Travel Company and a representative of Kweichow Moutai Co. Ltd in Russia – the Merlin company.

Upon returning to Russia, we will definitely tell you how to become a devoted fan of this country in 10 days in China. In the meantime, let’s focus on hotels in Yunnan, Shanxi and Guizhou provinces, which we have personally tested and can safely recommend them for Russians.


Yunnan, with its nature, history and concentration of ancient peoples, is the province whose world fascinates more than any worthwhile fantasy book or, say, a computer game.

Где жить российскому туристу в «глубинном» Китае: обзор отелей с фото

The territory of the Xingze Inn (Starry sea) to the town of Lizzian. Photo: ATOR

Fans of computer games, by the way, will appreciate the new (opened a year ago) Xingze Inn (Starry sea) hotel in Lijiang. Some rooms of this hotel have a separate room for game fans. This “feature” of the hotel sincerely surprised Russian travel professionals who have extensive travel experience.

Где жить российскому туристу в «глубинном» Китае: обзор отелей с фото

View for the guests of the Xingze Inn (Starry sea). Photo: ATOR

However, the feeling of surprise and admiration is caused by many moments of the “life” of the Xingze Inn hotel, ranging from location to attitude towards guests.

Где жить российскому туристу в «глубинном» Китае: обзор отелей с фото

Shuhe district. The Xingze Inn (Starry sea) is located here. Photo: ATOR

Boutique hotel with 37 rooms is located in the heart of the ancient Shuhe district. This means that at any moment you can wander through the ancient streets, go shopping in designer clothes shops or drink coffee with a delicious bun in a stylish cafe.

Где жить российскому туристу в «глубинном» Китае: обзор отелей с фото

The Xingze Inn (Starry sea) hotel is located on this street in Lijiang City. Photo: ATOR

And what delicious buns are served at breakfast at the hotel… It is more likely that you will want to eat them all. But you should limit yourself, because there will also be noodles, eggs, porridge, local tea. All dishes are prepared from natural products. It feels like eating while sitting at the table of your house.

Где жить российскому туристу в «глубинном» Китае: обзор отелей с фото

In one of the rooms of the Xingze Inn (Starry sea) hotel in Lijiang, Yunnan Province. Photo: ATOR. But as soon as you leave the breakfast room on the hotel grounds, you immediately realize that you are in China. Moreover, in authentic China, the hotel is designed in a traditional style.

The design of the hotel was designed by a young and very talented designer Meng Ran, the son of the hotel owner. Meng Ran told us in a conversation that by creating the image of Xingze Inn, he wanted to make sure that guests could truly relax and feel the harmony of China.

Где жить российскому туристу в «глубинном» Китае: обзор отелей с фото

At the Xingze Inn (Starry sea). Photo: ATOR

It’s worth admitting that he did it perfectly. How masterfully it turns out to make the members of the group stunning portrait photos in the interiors of the hotel. Meng Ran also wears different stylish sneakers throughout the trip. Some members of the group were inspired and also went to buy sports shoes for themselves. The choice is huge, of course. Sneakers of famous brands can be bought for an average of 7000 rubles.

If you want exclusive items and souvenirs, then you should go to the historical district of Baixe, it is 20 minutes by car from the hotel.

Где жить российскому туристу в «глубинном» Китае: обзор отелей с фото

In the historical Baishe district, 20 minutes from the Xingze Inn. Photo: ATOR

In Baisha, among other things, you will be able to touch the culture of the ancient Nakhi people and even learn how to draw pictographs. The Nasi script is the last pictographic language on earth that is still used.

And 40 minutes from the hotel is the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, sacred to the Nakhi people. The height of the mountain is 5,596 meters, tourists can climb comfortable wooden stairs to a height of 4,680 meters.

You can stay in the hotel all day. Lie down in the bathroom, sit on the veranda on the second floor, which offers a photogenic view of the mountains, take a master class on making shen puer followed by tasting this tea. Or drink a glass of Maotai or Fenjiu (a lighter version of Chinese distillates).

A few words about Wi-Fi – it works properly, throughout the territory. About the cost – from $ 40 per room. The hotel will soon appear in the assortment of Russian tour operators.


Где жить российскому туристу в «глубинном» Китае: обзор отелей с фото

Maotai International Hotel 5* in Maotai town, Guizhou Province. Photo: ATOR

The first impression of the Maotai International Hotel 5*, which is located in the town of Maotai in Guizhou province – beautiful, stylish, large territory, solid. And in the lobby they sell Maotai ice cream – with alcohol.

The rooms are cozy, and the bed linen is such that you want to sleep through breakfast. But it’s definitely not worth doing this. After all, then you can miss

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