10 Free Geneva Opportunities

10 бесплатных возможностей Женевы

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Arriving in a new city, you want to see the maximum number of local “interesting things”, and each walk becomes an amazing discovery. The starting point for your impromptu tour of Geneva can be the historic city center.

Despite its rather modest size, it is literally crammed with all kinds of architectural monuments and famous historical buildings. Here you will see St. Peter’s Cathedral, the Town Hall, the Bastion Park, the Opera House and much more.

10 бесплатных возможностей Женевы

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As for our traditional offer to walk in the shade of the trees of one of the city parks in the Geneva version, you can also combine business with pleasure. After all, local parks often (of course, in the warmer months) act as a convenient and picturesque springboard for all kinds of courses and classes, many of which are free. And you will return from Geneva not only rested and inspired, but also with several useful skills in your arsenal.

For example, those who want to practice yoga outdoors gather on a regular basis in many green areas. To plan such a wellness trip, keep an eye on the update on the website, where new summer dates for free park activities appear in advance.

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