A well-known hotel chain in Turkey will change its name

Известная сеть гостиниц в Турции изменит название

The Turkish hotel chain Alva Donna, beloved by Russians, will change its name to Dobedan Hotels. From November 1, travelers will be able to enjoy their holidays at the Exclusive Hotel Belek, World Palace Kemer and Beach Resort Side, but with one caveat, their names will change.

According to travel agents, tourists will be able to appreciate the expanded possibilities of rebranding popular hotels. Favorable preferences will be added to the usual structure, managers and recruitment policy. So, additional gastronomic services will appear, and part of the hotel territory will be updated. The innovations will also affect the concept, an expanded version of which will be presented to Russian guests in October.

The reasons and details of the event became known to the site TourDom.ru . According to Alva Donna, it ceased to exist with the passing of the owner, who died in the summer. As observers have suggested, three close relatives of the former owner have entered into inheritance rights, giving each hotel a different name. Another version says: the business was sold, and the new owner changed the name of the network.

The start of the rebranding was presumably planned for August. This was confirmed by tourists who posted on social networks from Turkey. Attentive vacationers noted that the name Alva Donna goes back in time and posted videos and photos. They show how the usual signs have been replaced with other ones.

When viewing the comments of vacationers, it does not seem that serious disturbances have occurred in the service. But the concern of experts makes you think. In the professional tourism environment, it is reported that employees may not like the new conditions. Beaches and landscaping will only improve, but the established level of hospitality remains questionable. In addition, travel agents have doubts about the benefits of rebranding for business.

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