“All inclusive” near Moscow: a family novelty from Atelika

«Все включено» недалеко от Москвы: семейная новинка от «Ателики»

After a break, a country hotel with an all-inclusive system appeared in the well-known Russian Atelika chain near Moscow. Our correspondent tested the novelty with his family, assessed exactly how you can relax here, and found out how much it costs to celebrate the end of the school year with All Inclusive.

The new, conditionally “Moscow-based” Atelika Grand Olgino hotel in the Tver region came under the control of the Atelika chain only in February 2023.

We conducted a test drive of the novelty in the form of a family weekend trip with two children aged 6 and 10 at the very end of April. Earlier, a group of adults and small “testers” were in the same composition at the Atelika Lipki hotel near Moscow (which has now left this network), so it turned out quite objectively to assess the difference between these two vacation spots.


“Atelika Grand Olgino” is really located near Moscow, although it is formally located in the Tver region (cottage village Olgino, village Vakhromeevo, 75 km from Tver, 130 km from MKAD).  

Let’s just say that it is more convenient to go to the hotel via a toll highway – from the Rechnoy Vokzal metro area, you can get to the hotel in 1 hour and 40 minutes in a calm mode, without exceeding the speed limit and even with short stops. The road is easy and pleasant. If you drive for free along the Leningradskoye highway, then, for example, the journey on a Friday afternoon, when everyone leaves early for the country, will be longer – about 2 hours and 30 minutes, mainly, of course, due to heavy traffic jams in Khimki and Klin.

Parking on the territory of the hotel itself is formally paid – but generally speaking, 350 rubles per day is nothing (we chose this option). You can also park for free at the hotel itself behind the fence.  By the way, starting from June 9, parking inside the 4* buildings (main and Imperial) will also be free.

«Все включено» недалеко от Москвы: семейная новинка от «Ателики»

Entrance to the Atelika Grand Olgino Hotel and parking. Photo: ATOR

In terms of travel time, the novelty in the Tver region is generally more convenient than “Sticky”: it took at least 2 hours to go there on the free highway from the same River Station, and there was no option to travel along the toll highway. However, the Grand Olgino is more convenient by many other criteria.


The territory of the Grand Olgino Hotel itself, which came under the management of Atelika in February, is truly “Turkish” in size (33 hectares). Most of it is zoned by alleys of trees of different species, between which there are mostly undeveloped plots of land for sale, and part is occupied by 7 buildings and the infrastructure of a country hotel.

«Все включено» недалеко от Москвы: семейная новинка от «Ателики»

The hotel has a large territory. View from the restaurant on the roof of the Imperial building of the Atelika Grand Olgino Hotel. Photo: ATOR

The hotel has 128 rooms in total. This is less than it was in Lipki (199), but the choice of rooms here is much more diverse (there are rooms from 14 m2 to 205 m2), and the level of the hotel itself is significantly higher.

The main building of the hotel (the “Grand Palace” 4*) and the restaurant are located right at the entrance to the territory. Behind the restaurant there are three-star buildings (“Grafsky”, “Generalsky” and “Vakhromeevo”).

The main building is three-storied, with an elevator. There are 31 rooms, there are both standards and two-room suites, convenient for family weekends. We lived in exactly this one: it is very spacious, with excellent furniture and is 100% suitable for a family with two children. At the same time, it does not cost a lot of money, but more on that later.

«Все включено» недалеко от Москвы: семейная новинка от «Ателики»

The main building of “Atelika Grand Olgino” (“Grand Palace” 4*). Photo: ATOR

There are rooms of level 4+ in the Imperial building located at the opposite end of the territory, closest to the river and the beach (it is also three-storey with 12 high-level rooms).

Both of these hotel buildings were built in the “palatial” quasi-Victorian style of “90s chic”, as well as their rather rich interiors.

This style is most evident in the Imperial building: two- and three-room suites with loggias, a rooftop restaurant with a fireplace, solid wood furniture, satin, artificial silk, velvet, tapestries, paintings, gilding, bronze, etc.

«Все включено» недалеко от Москвы: семейная новинка от «Ателики»

Imperial building 4* hotel “Atelika Grand Olgino”. Photo: ATOR

«Все включено» недалеко от Москвы: семейная новинка от «Ателики»

The number in the Imperial building. Photo: ATOR

You can still have time to live here on an all-inclusive basis: from June 9, it will be a separate hotel with three meals a day on a customized menu in the restaurant of this building (with waiter service).

In the main building (the “Grand Palace” 4*), where we lived, the atmosphere is also chic (there is even a hall for wedding ceremonies here for a reason), but still simpler than in the “Imperial”.

«Все включено» недалеко от Москвы: семейная новинка от «Ателики»

You can also accommodate a family in such houses. Photo: ATOR

The hotel accommodation options do not end there at all: a large family or company can comfortably stay in separate chalets or a house with a sauna. They are located near the main building and the restaurant of the hotel, next to a cozy children’s playground, an equestrian circle and a large gazebo.  

An important advantage of the Atelika Grand Olgino is the presence of a river with a slow current, and a cozy wooden embankment equipped for swimming (there are handrails for launching into the water and even a water slide–a springboard for riding cheesecakes) and boating (there is a rental).

«Все включено» недалеко от Москвы: семейная новинка от «Ателики»

View of the embankment and the Suchok River from the restaurant on the roof of the Imperial building (4*). Photo: ATOR

A number of beach pavilions in the form of solid log cabins with mangalas installed next to them stretched along the embankment. Here, in any weather, you can roast shish kebab or any other meat (you can bring it with you or buy it at the hotel, at the nearby beach bar), sit with a company or a family with children. Pavilions must be reserved in advance at the reception.

«Все включено» недалеко от Москвы: семейная новинка от «Ателики»

In such pavilions near the river, you can roast kebabs on the grill. Photo: ATOR

This is an important pleasure, especially in summer: it’s one thing to just come to the hotel for the weekend, and another thing is to diversify the weekend with kebabs by the river and swimming, weather permitting. About swimming – in summer, Atelika Grand Olgino will also open an indoor swimming pool in a separate building behind the equestrian circle. And the weather factor will go away altogether.

By the way: if you don’t want to fry kebabs yourself, you can still eat them at the hotel. And it is possible that they will taste better than self-cooked ones.

«Все включено» недалеко от Москвы: семейная новинка от «Ателики»

The ram is preparing for the “Ram Show”. Photo: Alexey Vysokanov, VK

Atelika has moved its tradition – the Saturday “Sheep Show” to the Grand Olgino. A whole sheep is cooked weekly on a spit in front of the main building. We tried it ourselves – the meat is delicious. Don’t miss it. Everything, of course, is free – “all inclusive” is the same.


“All inclusive” at Atelika Grand Olgino is a brand name for this chain. This is not only food, but also a lot of entertainment.

As for the main meal, on the Swedish line of the hotel restaurant (it is directly opposite the building “Grand Palace”) it isdiverse and high-quality. There are always two or three types of meat, surprisingly delicious sausages (we would like to know what brand, but they don’t say), salads, several types of side dishes, fresh and pickled vegetables, fresh bread, pastries, sweets (marshmallows, marmalade).

«Все включено» недалеко от Москвы: семейная новинка от «Ателики»

We strongly recommend trying the local herring: we do not know who marinated it and how, but it is very tasty. Photo: ATOR

Everything is cooked delicious and for families: this can be judged at least by the fact that our (and not only our, as it turned out) fastidious children at Atelika Grand Olgino asked for supplements. Which, frankly, surprised the parents. But they were certainly glad.

«Все включено» недалеко от Москвы: семейная новинка от «Ателики»

In Atelika Grand Olgino, children ask for supplements. Photo: ATOR

Tea (also a branded “feature” of Ateliki) – custard: you can choose the type of tea (5-6 jars with different varieties), put the tea leaves in a kettle for 2 servings, pour boiling water and take it to your table. Coffee is also brewed from a coffee machine. Of course, all this without any payment.

Like alcohol, there is always a selection of alcoholic beverages on the bar, already poured into glasses and glasses – not only wine and vodka with cognac, but also imported drinks – whiskey, gin, tequila, rum.  By the way, we must keep up: from June 9, imported drinks will be free only for guests of the four-star main building.

«Все включено» недалеко от Москвы: семейная новинка от «Ателики»

Alcoholic drinks at lunch and dinner are always available. Photo: ATOR

The local all-inclusive system has an interesting “feature”. Many guests in hotels with this system, especially on the first day of rest, find it somewhat “annoying” to live according to the restaurant schedule – get up early for breakfast, be afraid to take a longer walk so as not to miss lunch or be late for dinner.

There is no such annoying moment in Atelika: you can eat on the Swedish line of the restaurant from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., without being tied to a certain time at all – the change of dishes occurs continuously, breakfast smoothly flows into lunch, and lunch into dinner.

Thanks to this system, despite the fact that the hotel restaurant itself may seem small, it always has free tables, there are no problems with seating, there is no crowding. And those who like to get up early can generally have breakfast “individually”, without neighbors. Well, or almost without it.

«Все включено» недалеко от Москвы: семейная новинка от «Ателики»

The main restaurant with a Swedish line in Atelika Grand Olgino. Photo: Alexey Vysokanov, VK

In addition to the main restaurant, you can drink Turkish coffee on the sand for free in the bar of the main building from 11 am to 13 pm. The bar itself is open from 11 to 23.00, according to the all–inclusive system, beer can be taken here until 18.00, and two types of soft ice cream and cotton candy for children. There are always pastries with sweets there.

«Все включено» недалеко от Москвы: семейная новинка от «Ателики»

Oriental coffee in the hotel bar is free from 11 to 13.00. Photo: ATOR

However, apart from ice cream and cotton wool for children, the hotel, without any exaggeration, is a real expanse (by the way, children can earn chips from the special children’s loyalty program “Ateliki” on entertainment and activities).


First of all, it’s a kids’ club. It is located in the basement of the main building. Master classes are held here in the spacious room during the day, and in the evening there is a mini–disco.

It should be noted that the selection of animators in Atelika is traditionally on top: in our arrival, the club’s employees “started” the initially shy children so skillfully that after 10 minutes our girls, flatly refusing to attend a mini-disco in Turkey, were already dancing like crazy here:

Video file

Well, while the children are dancing at a mini disco, the adults in the next room can play billiards or table tennis. Or play it all with the kids after the performance.  By the way, there is also table football, air hockey and a laser shooting range for teenagers.

During the day, on weekends, children (of course, free of charge), horseback riding is available on site – there is a choice of ponies and a large horse.

«Все включено» недалеко от Москвы: семейная новинка от «Ателики»

Horse riding is completely free in Atelika. Photo: ATOR

Kids can play in a funny wooden playground, older children always take a “panoramic” swing and take selfies.

«Все включено» недалеко от Москвы: семейная новинка от «Ателики»

Children’s fairytale town in “Atelika Grand Olgino”. Photo: ATOR

About the selfie: on the territory of the hotel there are… the most authentic Tu-134 aircraft, an English cab and an old Volga. You can get inside the plane with a guided tour (500 rubles).

«Все включено» недалеко от Москвы: семейная новинка от «Ателики»

But with the Tu-134 aircraft. Real and with preserved stuffing. Photo: ATOR

The board is VIP-designed, you can get acquainted with the whole Soviet “stuffing”: it is interesting not only for children, but also for adults. Boys (and girls too) will not be driven out of the cockpit – the delight is indescribable.

«Все включено» недалеко от Москвы: семейная новинка от «Ателики»

It is a rare opportunity to sit at the helm of a real Tu-134 in Atelika. Photo: ATOR

But perhaps the most vivid impressions for children remain after climbing in a hot air balloon. Yes, it is also here every weekend and everything is already “on”, that is, free of charge for all hotel guests. Here is a short video from such a wonderful show:

Video file

Speaking of the show: if you are traveling without children, then the continuation is in the evening. After dinner on weekends, there is always some kind of performance in the restaurant: cover bands and ensembles perform, a disco is organized. Places for such parties must be booked in advance.

Well, for everyone, both children and adults, there is another holiday on the weekend – a real colorful fireworks. No worse than Moscow, by the way, take a look:

Video file


Prices for a family weekend at Atelika Grand Olgino – with all the content of such a holiday that we described above turned out to be more than humane.

Judge for yourself. Firstly, 2 children under the age of 16 stay in additional places for free. In other words, if you are traveling with four people, you only pay for two.

For example, a four-person family with children can go to celebrate the end of the school year for 2 nights with an all-inclusive system (check in at 17.00 on May 26, check out on Sunday May 28 after lunch after 15.00) in three-star buildings for 21,336 rubles for all (two-room family room). This is 5 thousand rubles per person. 

You can spend a weekend with four people in a separate chalet for 28 thousand rubles. for a weekend with “all inclusive”, and in a house with its own sauna – for 33,750 rubles for everyone. 7-8 thousand rubles per head. 

A two–room family suite in four stars (the Grand Palace building) costs 32.6 thousand rubles for four on these dates, and the same suite in the Princely building (3*) costs 27,619 rubles.  It turns out 7-8 thousand rubles per person.

By the way, the prices for the next weekend, when you can also celebrate the beginning of summer with children – from June 2 to June 4 – are exactly the same. Yes, if anyone does not suddenly doubt: the prices are already all inclusive: food, ice cream, coffee, shows, balls, horses and everything in this set. 

So whatever you want, we’ve found a place to celebrate both of the kids’ graduations. But: rooms are sorted quickly, it’s better to book now. This can be done both on the hotel’s website and at the Multitour tour operator. The prices will be the same.

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