An insurance policy is required for everyone to enter Georgia from June 1

Those entering the country will check for an insurance policy when entering the country

Для въезда в Грузию с 1 июня всем обязателен страховой полис

To enter Georgia from June 1, all foreign citizens must have an insurance policy.His absence may result in a fine of 300 lari (slightly more than 10,000 rubles).The law was adopted at the end of 2023, but it comes into force on June 1, 2024.In the first quarter of 2024, more than 200,000 Russian citizens entered Georgia, so this issue is very relevant.Insurance conditions:The policy must cover the entire time the tourist is in Georgia.The insurance coverage should be as follows:- $5,000/euro – emergency outpatient services;- $30,000/euro – hospital services.Upon entering the country, the following employees of the migration service or customs control will check the availability of an insurance policy for those entering the country. The law says that in the absence of a policy, entry may be refused.In practice, there have been no checks yet, so it is not yet known who and how carefully this will be monitored.

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