Available holiday destinations for the New Year: consider the prices

Доступные направления для отдыха на Новый год: рассмотрим цены

The closer the New Year holidays get, the more active people who are used to spending them on vacation in exotic places and countries begin to behave. According to statistics provided by travel agencies, the sale of tours abroad during the November holidays increased by about 32% compared to last year.

The most popular destinations where tourists and vacationers often book tours on the eve of the New Year are the UAE, Turkey, Thailand, Egypt and the Russian Federation. Sometimes Sri Lanka is included in the TOP of the most popular destinations.

Closer to the November holidays, some Russian resorts will also be in demand among vacationers. Among such attractive resorts, which are especially visited by both residents of the Russian Federation and guests of the country, are Moscow and the Moscow region, Krasnodar Territory, Kaliningrad, the Caucasian Mineral Waters and St. Petersburg.

The average cost of a standard package tour for 2 people during the New Year holidays is approximately:

  • Russia – about 75 thousand rubles;
  • Turkey – up to 190 thousand rubles;
  • Egypt – up to 250 thousand rubles;
  • UAE – up to 330 thousand rubles;
  • Thailand – about 340 thousand rubles;
  • Sri Lanka – up to 400 thousand rubles

During the New Year holidays in 2024, destinations such as Mauritius, Cuba, Seychelles and Maldives will also arouse increased interest among tourists.


Comparing the number of package tours ordered this year with the period of the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, leading tour operators note that the number of reserved seats has increased 2.6 times. Considering that most of the leading travel agencies offer their clients special conditions under which you can make a down payment of only 10% of the total cost of the tour, it is convenient and profitable to book them in October-November. 

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