Azimut Airlines has started transporting passengers from Moscow to Batumi and from Sochi to Tbilisi

Авиакомпания «Азимут» приступила к перевозке пассажиров из Москвы в Батуми и из Сочи в Тбилиси

It is reported that the Russian air carrier Azimuth will deliver everyone to Georgian cities. This is how the direct routes Moscow-Batumi and Sochi-Tbilisi will start operating. The departure of vacationers to the resorts of Batumi will begin from the capital’s Vnukovo from October 9. Planes will fly to the Georgian capital from Sochi on October 11.

Since May 15, 2023, Georgia has been able to receive direct flights from Russia again. Recall that previously there was a ban that lasted 4 years. The reason was Moscow’s refusal to fly to Georgia after the protests in the capital of that country. Georgians were displeased by the arrival of Russian official Sergei Gavrilov at the parliament building.

The first flights from both countries took place on May 19 and 20: an Azimuth aircraft departed for Georgia, and Moscow accepted a Georgian Airways flight. In July, another Russian airline, Red Wings, began servicing passengers traveling to Georgia.

According to official information, “Azimuth”;: flight Moscow-Batumi with departure A 4853 at 13:45 local time and arrival at 18:25; return at 19:25 to Batumi and arrival in Moscow at 22:10. You can use the offer every Monday and Thursday. A ticket there will cost from 7,200 rubles.

In the direction of Sochi-Tbilisi on A 4741: departure at 14:30 and arrival in the capital of Georgia at 16:35. Return flight: departure from Tbilisi at 17:35, arrival in Sochi will take place at 17:40. On this flight, flights will take place every Wednesday and Saturday. The cost of tickets there starts from 11,600 rubles. 

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