China makes it easier to enter the country and attracts tourists

The Chinese administration has taken five measures to make it easier for foreign citizens to visit the country

Китай упрощает въезд в страну и привлекает туристов

On January 11, the National Immigration Administration of China took five measures to simplify the process of visiting foreign citizens.

These measures make it easier for foreign guests to access business, education and tourism opportunities, according to :

Conditions have been relaxed for foreign nationals applying for urgent port visas for non-diplomatic visits, official business activities, visits and exchanges, investments and entrepreneurship, private affairs or visiting relatives. The new measure allows visitors to apply to the port visa authority with an invitation and other documents.

Travelers in transit within 24 hours are exempt from border checks at nine international airports in China: Beijing Capital, Beijing Daxing, Chengdu Tianfu, Guangzhou Baiyun, Hangzhou Xiaoshan, Shanghai Pudong, Shenzhen Bao’an, Xiamen Gaoqi and Xi’an Xianyang.

Foreign tourists who are already in China can apply for an extension and re-issuance of a visa at the exit and entry departments of the nearest police stations to their place of stay.

Every foreign guest who is already in China can apply for a multiple-entry visa at the exit-entry administration of the nearest police stations to their place of stay.

The materials required to apply for a visa for foreign visitors to China are kept to a minimum. Visitor residence registration records, business licenses, and other information that can be accessed through shared information systems are exempt from the need to provide physical certificates when applying for a visa.


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