Essentuki: vacation in a sanatorium with a unique concept

Ессентуки: отдых в санатории с уникальной концепцией

Strengthen your health and relax in comfort

Sanatorium “Kazakhstan” of the Medical Center of the Office of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan is a modern health resort located in the city of Yessentuki. It is the largest drinking and balneological resort in Russia with more than 200 years of history.

Ессентуки: отдых в санатории с уникальной концепцией

Every year, more than 5 thousand guests from Russia and neighboring countries choose to rest in the sanatorium “Kazakhstan”. Experienced staff takes care of vacationers here, and medical equipment allows for diagnosis and treatment according to international standards. The sanatorium specializes in the treatment and rehabilitation of guests with metabolic and gastrointestinal diseases. A ticket to this health resort is also suitable for those who want to strengthen the immune system, prevent diseases, improve their appearance, really relax and relax in comfort.


Evaluate the unique natural resources

Favorable climatic conditions and amazing natural healing factors of the Caucasian Mineral Waters provide optimal conditions for the improvement of the body. The sanatorium “Kazakhstan” uses the best methods of balneotherapy and mud treatment ― procedures using mineral waters and Tambukan mud.

Ессентуки: отдых в санатории с уникальной концепцией

It is thanks to the world-famous mineral waters of the Essentuki deposit that the city has become the most popular place for the treatment of diseases of the digestive system and metabolism. These are chloride-bicarbonate sodium waters “Yessentuki-4”, “Yessentuki-17” and “Yessentuki-Novaya”. In the sanatorium “Kazakhstan” you can undergo various wellness treatments using sulfide mineral water and salt concentrates for the treatment and prevention of diseases. As a result, metabolism, the work of the immune, cardiovascular, nervous and other body systems will improve. Balneotherapy will improve adaptation to environmental conditions and build resistance to diseases and stress.

An equally significant therapeutic factor that is used in the sanatorium is the highly mineralized sulfide-silt mud of Lake Tambukan. They are similar in composition to Dead Sea mud, but surpass them in terms of organic matter content: they have antiseptic properties, stimulate regenerative processes of the skin, improve the functioning of the musculoskeletal system, are used in gynecology, urology and cosmetology.

The sanatorium “Kazakhstan” has its own storage of medicinal Tambukan mud, which makes it possible to use the unique resource for thermal mud treatment procedures as efficiently as possible. 

Get to know the Kazakh culture

The medical and wellness center “Kazakhstan” is unique in that while vacationing in Russia, on Kavminvody, every guest can feel the national Kazakh flavor and get acquainted with Kazakh culture thanks to the implementation of the concept of Qazaq Nomad Resort.

Ессентуки: отдых в санатории с уникальной концепцией

Against the background of the hotel decorations familiar to the guest, the interior of the sanatorium is distinguished by ornaments and decorative elements in the national Kazakh style. The highlight of the sanatorium ― a round pool with a diameter of 22 m, stylized as a yurt. Such an architectural structure ― the only one in the world created according to an individual project.

Dishes of national Kazakh cuisine will complement the acquaintance with the traditions of this people. Here you will taste baursaks, kuyrdak, palau, horse meat dishes and other culinary delights.

Modern methods of treatment in the sanatorium are combined with the use of traditional ones for Kazakhstan: bulau therapy, music therapy, phytotherapy, aromatherapy.

Ессентуки: отдых в санатории с уникальной концепцией

Entertainment areas for children are also decorated in the Kazakh style, complemented by objects of national culture: this is a children’s house-yurt and three-dimensional game elements in the form of asyks (“bones” that are played with in Kazakhstan). The interior of the playroom contains images of children in national costumes and characteristic decorative patterns.

Ессентуки: отдых в санатории с уникальной концепцией

The leisure program includes screenings of Kazakh films and cartoons, evenings of ethnic music. Solemn and entertaining events in honor of the holidays Nauryz, Republic Day, Independence Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan and others have become a good tradition, which the guests are happy to support. On holidays, the staff of the sanatorium wears a uniform in the national Kazakh style.

You can get acquainted with treatment programs and recreation options in the sanatorium “Kazakhstan” on the website

To get a ticket or get a free consultation, call 8 (800) 707-78-47.

Sanatorium address: Stavropol Territory, Yessentuki, Pyatigorskaya str., 44

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