Finland’s border with the Russian Federation will remain closed until February 11

Only Vainikkala station, intended for freight rail service, will continue to operate

Граница Финляндии с РФ останется закрытой до 11 февраля

Finnish authorities have extended the closure of the border with Russia until February 11, Finnish Interior Minister Marie Rantanen said on Thursday.

“The government has decided to maintain restrictions on passenger traffic on the eastern border until February 11,” Rantanen said at a press conference on Thursday.

She explained the decision by saying that “national security is a critically important issue for Finland” and that the threat of “hybrid attacks” remains. According to her, the decision on restrictions can be canceled or changed if it is no longer necessary.

Rantanen noted that only the Vainikkala border station, intended for freight rail service between Finland and Russia, will continue to operate.

In November, the Finnish government decided to close all eight passenger crossings on the eastern border, citing the massive admission of migrants from third countries to the Finnish border. On December 14, the Vaalimaa and Niirala border crossings were opened, but on the same day it was decided to close them again for one month.

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