Five reasons in favor of Cuba: choosing your hotel for the best vacation

Пять доводов в пользу Кубы: выбираем свой отель для лучшего отдыха

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Everyone needs their own Cube. Some want unity with nature, others want to dance a lot like real Cubans, others are eager for discoveries, and someone is just going for a sense of freedom. The hotels of the ROC chain assure that they will provide the best rest to guests with a variety of interests. At the webinar, which will be held at the ATOR site on May 24 at 11:00 (Moscow time.) full information about all five resorts of the chain will be provided.

The range of hotels in Cuba is huge. If we talk about first-class service, then the choice will narrow down. But you should not worry about choosing the right island hotel. The hotels of the Roc Hotels Cuba chain have already made sure that the Cuban vacation meets the expectations of tourists with a variety of requests.

Anna Snyatkova, a representative of ROC hotels in Russia and the CIS, will tell you during the webinar, which will be held at the ATOR site on May 24 at 11:00 (Moscow time), which tourists will like to relax at the ROC El Viejo y el Mar 4* hotel in Havana, and which ones at the Roc Casa del Mar 5* on a small island Cayo Santa Maria.

The pros will find out that the capital’s Roc Presidente 4* Hotel, built between 1925 and 1928, impresses with style and details. And the location is 200 m from the Malecon embankment, walking along which the whole history of the picturesque city “passes” before your eyes.

In the resort of Varadero, near the city center, there is another hotel of the chain – Hotel Roc Barlovento 4*. This is an adult-only resort and offers an all-inclusive vacation 24 hours a day.

And families with children in the Varadero resort are looking forward to the Roc Arenas Doradas 4* Hotel to please with first-class service, good cuisine, entertainment and activities.

At the webinar, the pros will have a detailed analysis of the room stock and recreation opportunities in all five hotels of the Roc chain. There will be a lot of informative information that will help travel agents give their tourists the most expert advice on holidays in Cuba. We will not disclose all the details, we will keep the intrigue.

In the meantime, we remind you that the doors of interesting and high–quality hotels in Cuba will open on May 24 at 11:00. The keys, or rather registration, are here.

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