Hotels in Turkey are exclusive to tour operators: list for summer 2024

Отели Турции на эксклюзиве у туроператоров: список на лето 2024 года

We collected data from tour operators on their exclusive hotels in Turkey (i.e. those that only they sell). There were more than 140 of them. This season, the major market players have a variety of exclusive offers: from boutique hotels with breakfasts to deluxe hotels with the most expanded ultra all inclusive system, both on the Antalya and Aegean coasts of Turkey.

This year, tour operators bought guaranteed blocks of rooms in several hundred hotels in Turkey for the non-summer season, receiving favorable contract prices for them.

Moreover, a number of hotels have granted some major tour operators the exclusive (or “exclusive”) right to sell rooms on the Russian market. Such hotels (those that are sold by only one tour operator or a group) are traditionally referred to as “exclusive” hotels of any tour operator.

Note that in addition to exclusive rights for sale, hotels sometimes provide an exclusive price to any market player (the best price). This is called a “price exclusive”.Tour operators have more such hotels than those presented in this article: according to some estimates, there are more than two hundred of them in total.

And in this review, we have compiled a list of sites in Turkey, tours to which are exclusively sold by specific tour operators (and only they).

It should be noted that the sign of an exclusive sale by any tour operator is a kind of “quality mark” for the hotel: A tour operator will not take an exclusive hotel with poor-quality infrastructure or service, or an unpopular hotel (by “subscribing” to an exclusive sale, he must already be sure of a good load and high demand. Note that some tour operator exclusives already have no seats for many June dates. 

In addition to the list of hotels themselves, indicating the tour operator, we also indicated prices for ten-day packages for June 2024 (departure 11.06, for 10 nights with meals, for two adults). All prices are valid for the evening of 31.03 and may change on the day of reading.


Coral Travel has more than 50 price exclusives in Turkey this year, which it and its “sister” tour operator Sunmar sell), including 11 hotels operated by Coral Group Hotels.

They are fairly evenly distributed across all the main resorts in Turkey, but the main focus is on the resorts of Antalya province (there are many facilities here in Alanya, including the popular Kamelya and Eftalia chains, as well as in Side). On the Aegean coast, the tour operator has many exclusives in Bodrum and resorts near Izmir – Kusadasi, Ozdere.

All prices, as well as further – for two.

Antalya coast:

  • Marvida Hotel Melisa Moment, apart-hotel (Kemer, breakfast) – from 152 475 rub.
  • Marvida Hotel Delight Deluxe & Spa 3* (Antalya, breakfast, half board) – from 200 320 rub.
  • Marvida Hotel Happy Suites (boutique hotel, Antalya, breakfast) – from 185,619 rubles.
  • Seven Seas Gravel Select 5* (Kemer, “ultra all inclusive”) – from 247,746 rubles.
  • Marvida Family Eco (ex. Otium Family Eco Club) 5* (Side, “all inclusive”) – from 253,550 rubles.
  • Seven Seas Palmeras Bay 5* (Alanya, “ultra all inclusive”) – from 262,028 rubles.
  • Seven Seas Hotel Life 5* (Kemer, “ultra all inclusive”) – from 325,056 rubles.
  • Seven Seas Hotel Blue 5* (Side, “ultra all inclusive”) – from 341,424 rubles.
  • Xanadu Resort 5* (Belek, High Class All Inclusive) – from 406,652 rubles.
  • Blue Wave Suite Hotel 4* (Alanya all inclusive) – 223 from 850 rubles.
  • Eftalia Aqua Resort 5* (Alanya “ultra all inclusive”) – from 297 710 RUB
  • Eftalia Blue 5* (Alanya “ultra all inclusive”), from 271 537 RUB
  • Eftalia Down Town Hotel 3* (Alanya, HB) from 176 630 RUB
  • Eftalia Marin Resort 5* (Alanya “ultra all inclusive”) – from 254 467 RUB
  • Eftalia Ocean 5* (Alanya “ultra all inclusive”) – from 274 382 RUB
  • Eftalia Splash Resort 5* (Alanya “ultra all inclusive”), from 242 063 RUB
  • Eftalia Village Hotel 5* (Alanya, “ultra all inclusive”) – from 247 753 RUB
  • Meridia Beach Hotel 5* (Alanya “ultra all inclusive”) from 205 967 RUB
  • Numa Bay Exclusive Hotel 5* (Alanya “ultra all inclusive”) – from 257 306 RUB
  • Numa Konaktepe Hotel 4* (Alanya all inclusive) – from 196 690 RUB
  • Palmeras Beach Hotel 5* (Alanya “ultra all inclusive”), from 220 891 RUB
  • The Garden Beach Hotel 5* (Alanya all inclusive) – 180 840
  • Balmy Beach Resort Kemer 4* (Kemer, “ultra all inclusive”) – from 450 RUB 305
  • Lims Bona Dea Beach 4* (Kemer, “all inclusive”), from 189 455 RUB
  • Club Side Coast Hotel 5* (side, “all inclusive”), from 178 417 RUB
  • Aishen Kamelya resort 5* (side, “ultra all inclusive”) – from 331 007 RUB
  • Kamelya Fulya Hotel 5* (side, “ultra all inclusive”) – from 356 673 RUB
  • Kamelya Selin Hotel 5* (side, “ultra all inclusive”) from 380 867 RUB
  • Kentia Apart Hotel 4* (side, all-inclusive) from 177 040 RUB
  • Roma Beach Resort & Spa 5* (side, all-inclusive) from 266 188 RUB

Aegean coast:

  • Marvida Family Lykia Botanika Beach 5* (Fethiye “ultra all inclusive”), from 223 231 RUB
  • Marvida Senses Very Chic 5* (Bodrum “ultra all inclusive”) – from 231 590 RUB
  • Aria Claros Beach Spa & Resort 5* (Ozdere, “all inclusive”), from 188 743 RUB
  • Infinity By Yelken Kusadasi 5* (Kusadasi, “ultra all inclusive”) – from 231 230 RUB
  • old ladonia Hotels Adakule 5* (Kusadasi all inclusive) – 161 258 RUB
  • Pine Bay Holiday Resort 5* (Kusadasi, “ultra all inclusive”), from 251 622 RUB
  • Sealight Resort Hotel 5* (Kusadasi, “ultra all inclusive”) – from 239 674 RUB
  • Sealight Family Club 4* (Kemer, all-inclusive) from 197 227 RUB
  • Tusan Beach Resort 5* (Kusadasi, “all inclusive +”) – from 190 802 RUB
  • Armonia Holiday Village & Spa 5* (Bodrum, “all inclusive+”) from 194 268 RUB
  • Ayaz Aqua Beach Hotel 4* (Bodrum all inclusive), from 178 792 RUB
  • Garden Of Sun Hotel 5* (Didim, “all inclusive +”) – from 218 944 RUB
  • old ladonia Del Mare 4* (Bodrum all inclusive) – 157 853 RUB
  • Laur Hotel Experience & Laur Elegance Hotels 5* (Didim, “ultra all inclusive”), from 302 035 RUB
  • Mio Bianco Resort 4*+ (Bodrum all inclusive) from 184 937 RUB
  • Mio Mare Hotel 4* (Bodrum all inclusive) – from 192 224 RUB
  • Maxeria Blue Didyma 5* (Didim, “ultra all inclusive”) – stop sales in the June dates
  • The Holiday Resort 4* (Didim, “all inclusive”), from 161 040 RUB
  • Tiana Beach Hotel 4* (Bodrum all inclusive) – 174 809 RUB
  • Adaburnu Golmar Beach Hotel 4* (Marmaris all inclusive) from 173 130 rubles.
  • Club munamar Beach Resort 4*+ (Marmaris, “all inclusive”), from 163 752 RUB
  • Green Nature Diamond 5* (Marmaris, “ultra all inclusive”) – from 003 264 RUB
  • Green Nature Resort 5* (Marmaris all inclusive) – from 200 RUB 652
  • Poseidon Hotel Marmaris 4* (Marmaris all inclusive) – 232 518 RUB
  • Premier Nergis Beach Hotel & Spa 4*+ (Marmaris all inclusive) – from 229 590 RUB


The tour operator PEGAS Touristik has 13 hotels this season, which the company sells exclusively on the Russian market. The main focus is on the resorts of Antalya province (mainly Side and Alanya), on the Aegean coast there are facilities in Marmaris and in Oludeniz/Fethiye.

Among the exclusives are Swandor Hotels, operated by the parent structure of the tour operator in Turkey, Kemer and Antalya.

Antalya coast:

  • Bieno Venus Hotel 4* (Side, all inclusive) – from 183,464 rubles.
  • Serra Park Hotel 4* (Side, all inclusive) – from 206,902 rubles.
  • Telatiye Resort Hotel 5* (Alanya, “all inclusive”) – from 223,090 rubles.
  • Sentido Lycus Beach 5* (Alanya, “all inclusive”) – from 225,810 rubles.
  • Side Glamour Resort & Spa 5* (Side, “ultra all inclusive”) – from 235,435 rubles.
  • Swandor Hotels & Resorts Kemer 5* (Kemer, “ultra all inclusive”) – from 242,040 rubles.
  • Orange Palace Spa 5* (Side, “all inclusive”) – from 252,357 rubles.
  • Swandor Hotels & Resorts Topkapi Palace 5* (Antalya, Kundu, “ultra all inclusive”) –from 336,867 rubles.

Aegean coast:

  • Isla Panorama 4* (Marmaris, all inclusive) – from 168 489 rub.
  • Munamar Park 3* (Marmaris, “all inclusive”) – from 179 111 RUB.
  • Turquoise Hotel Oludeniz 4* (Oludeniz, “all inclusive”) – from 216 225 RUB.
  • Alize Hotel Oludeniz 4* (Oludeniz, “all inclusive”) – from 217 105 rub.
  • Pgs Hotels Fortezza Beach Resort 5* (Marmaris, all inclusive) – from 253,317 rubles.


This year, the tour operator FUN&SUN distributes exclusives almost equally between the resorts of Antalya province (11 exclusive hotels, mainly in the Side region) and the Aegean coast (9 hotels, almost all in Marmaris).

Among the exclusives there are conceptual hotels of the tour operator under the brand FUN&SUN, as well as hotels of the brands Calimera, Jacaranda, Voxx, Duja, there is also an object of the Rixos network.

Antalya coast

  • Hane Sun Elite Hotel 5* (Side, all inclusive) – from 187,000 rubles
  • Serra Garden 4* (Side, all inclusive) – from 221 thousand rubles
  • FUN&SUN FAMILY Club Saphire 5* (Kemer, “ultra all inclusive”) – from 230 thousand rubles.
  • FUN&SUN FAMILY Life Belek 5* (Belek, “ultra all inclusive”) – from 245 thousand rubles.
  • Calimera Serra Palace 5* (Side, “all inclusive”) – from 296 thousand rubles.
  • Calimera Hane Garden Hotel 5* (Side, “all inclusive”) – sales stop for dates from 6.06 to 26.06.
  • Hane Family Resort Hotel 5* (Side, “all inclusive”) – stop sales for June dates
  • FUN&SUN SMART Hane Sun 5* (Side, “all inclusive”) – stop sales for June dates
  • Jacaranda Luxury Hotel 5* (Side, new hotel with “ultra all inclusive”) – sales stop for June dates
  • TUI Magic Life Jacaranda 5* (Side, “ultra all inclusive”) – from 313 thousand rubles
  • Rixos Park Belek 5* (Belek, “ultra all inclusive”) – from 447 thousand rubles.

Aegean coast:

  • Ketenci Hotel 4* (Marmaris) – from 138 thousand rubles
  • Banu Hotel 4* (Marmaris, “all inclusive”) – from 168 thousand rubles
  • Tropical Beach Hotel 4* (Marmaris, “all inclusive”) – sales stop for June dates
  • Voxx Resort 5* (Marmaris, “ultra all inclusive”) – from 170 thousand rubles
  • Motto Premium Marmaris 4* (Marmaris, “all inclusive”) – from 174 thousand rubles
  • Voxx Marmaris Beach Resort 5* (Marmaris, “ultra all inclusive”) from 178 thousand rubles.
  • Duja Didim 5* (Didim, “ultra all inclusive”) – from 213 thousand rubles.
  • Duja Bodrum 5* (Bodrum, “ultra all inclusive”) – from 244 thousand rubles.
  • Faros Premium Beach 5* (Marmaris, “all inclusive”) – from 260 thousand rubles.


Anex does not specify the list of its exclusives, however, according to a number of sources, there are about 45-50 of them. In search engines, we found 10 objects in Turkey with the right of exclusive sale on the Russian market, and he shares another 6 with the tour operator Intourist (semi-exclusives).

The main focus is on the Antalya coast. Among the objects exclusive to Anex are hotels of a number of well–known Turkish chains (Granada, Utopia, Güral, Titanic), as well as hotels of the Selectum brand, which are operated by a subsidiary of the ANEX Group. Intourist has some Selectum and Güral hotels in semi-exclusives.

Antalya coast at ANEX:

  • Utopia Resort & Residence 5* (Alanya, “ultra all inclusive”) – from 255,766 rubles, Anex
  • A Good Life Utopia Family Resort 5* (Alanya, “ultra all inclusive”) – from 258,439 rubles, Anex
  • Utopia Beach Club 5* (Alanya, “ultra all inclusive”) – from 262,963 rubles, Anex
  • Granada Luxury Beach Hotel 5* (Alanya, “ultra all inclusive”) – from 276,943 rubles, Anex
  • Granada Luxury Alanya 5* (Alanya, “ultra all inclusive”) – from 280 644 rubles, Anex
  • Granada Luxury Red Adults Only 16+ 5* (Alanya, “ultra all inclusive”) – from 289 177 rubles, Anex
  • Selectum Family Resort Belek 5* (Belek, “ultra all inclusive”) – from 338,828 rubles, Anex
  • Granada Luxury Belek 5* (Belek, “ultra all inclusive”) – from 362,678 rubles, Anex
  • Titanic Deluxe Lara 5* (Antalya, Lara, “ultra all inclusive”) – from 446,460 rubles, Anex

Antalya coast at ANEX (semi-exclusives with “Intourist”)

  • Selectum For Two Side Adults Only 16+ 5* (Side, “ultra all inclusive”) – from 237,160 rubles, Anex and Intourist
  • Gural Premier Tekirova 5* (Kemer, “ultra all inclusive”) – from 416,545 rubles, Anex and Intourist
  • Selectum Luxury Resort Belek 5* (Belek, ultra all inclusive) – from 406,574 rubles, Anex and Intourist
  • Gural Premier Belek 5* (Belek, ultra all inclusive) – from 386,322 rubles, Anex and Intourist
  • Selectum Family Resort Side 5* (Side, “ultra all inclusive”) – from 316,213 rubles, Anex and Intourist
  • Selectum Family Comfort Side 5* (Side, “ultra all inclusive”) – from 284,654 rubles, Anex and Intourist

Aegean coast:

  • Selectum Colours Bodrum 5* (Bodrum, “ultra all inclusive”) – from 310 250 rubles, Anex
  • Titanic Luxury Collection Bodrum 5* (Bodrum, “ultra all inclusive”) – from 1,385,641 rubles, semi-exclusive Anex and Intourist


Exclusively sells tours to its owned hotels (resorts in the terminology of the company) in Turkey and the tour operator Club Med. In principle, he sells only and exclusively hotels of his own chain.

There are two of them in Turkey:

  • Club Med Palmiye (Antalya, premium all inclusive) – from 458 thousand rubles for two people with meals + airfare
  • Club Med Bodrum (Bodrum, premium all inclusive) – from 342 thousand rubles for two people with meals + airfare


Many hotels in Turkey choose only 2-3 tour operators for cooperation, giving the right to sell rooms in them to these players. There are many such objects, let’s highlight only some well-known ones.

For example, Coral Travel shares with one or another major tour operator the rights to sell 25 hotels in Turkey. 

Five-star hotels of the Aydinbey chain on the Antalya coast of Turkey this year are available only from Anex, FUN&SUN and Biblio-Globus, as well as the SIU Collection 5* hotel.

Side Crown Palace 5* and Side Crown Serenity Hotel 5* hotels sell only FUN&SUN and Biblio-Globus, Side Royal Palace Hotel & Spa 5* and Side Royal Style 5* hotels – Coral Travel, FUN&SUN and Biblio-Globus, and only Coral Travel and Anex have rooms at Utopia World Hotel 5*. Etc.


Despite the fact that a number of hotels in Turkey are sold exclusively by individual tour operators, tours to them in search engines may be offered by other tour operators.

Sometimes it’s just a technical error of the search engine (for example, in a popular search engine it appears that one of the exclusives of the Anex group is sold by the tour operator Russian Express, when we asked this company, they were surprised: they did not and do not sell this object).

In other cases, this means that the tour is resold (distributed) by one tour operator to another, and the rooms are initially reserved for those who have an exclusive or semi-exclusive.

Editorial office of the ATOR Bulletin

Photo: Coral Travel

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