How do I choose a country to move to? Important criteria

Как выбрать страну для переезда? Важные критерии

Every expat at the beginning of his immigration journey is faced with many questions, the most important and the first of them: How do I choose a country? In the article, we figure out how to evaluate countries for relocation. March 21, 2024 0 6 min

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The creator of the tripmydream travel service, Andrey Burenok, who visited 62 countries where he shot a video about emigration to these countries, shared on his YouTube channel a rating of the best countries to move to in 2024.

In addition, based on the experience of expats in different countries of the world, Andrey has compiled a list of criteria by which you can choose the most comfortable country for yourself.

But for each family, these criteria may be different — first you need to determine what is more important to you. Everyone moves for different reasons: someone fulfills their dream of living by the ocean or in a noisy metropolis, and someone is forced to leave their home in search of safety. The characteristics of the country that is suitable for moving also depend on this — there is no one correct answer for everyone, since everyone has a different request.

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