How do I receive payments in France in 2024?

Как получить выплаты во Франции в 2024 году?

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Как получить выплаты во Франции в 2024 году?

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As of 2024, about 65 thousand Ukrainians with temporary protection status have been registered in France. Compared to other European countries, such as neighboring Germany, this is a very low indicator. There are many factors that stop Ukrainians from choosing France as a refuge during the war or for permanent relocation. This is mainly due to the low level of social support from the state.

How to extend temporary protection in France?

France did not extend Temporary protection to Ukrainians automatically. To extend the status, you need to contact the Prefecture of the Department at your place of residence or stay. It should be the competent prefecture that is located at your current location, not necessarily the one that issued you the first residence permit.

The procedure for requesting an update of your residence permit must be completed three weeks before the expiration date or later, but not less than three days before that date. You should not apply earlier than this deadline, as the prefecture will not accept requests. If you are late with the update request, your access to social rights may be suspended.

To extend the Temporary Protection status, you must provide the following documents:

  • documents confirming your civil status and citizenship;
  • certificate of residence issued no earlier than three months in advance before submitting the request;
  • any document confirming changes in your situation (for example, an employment contract);
  • your previous temporary residence permit, which expires.

You can get information about practical admission issues, such as the schedule, the possibility of admission with or without an appointment, and so on on the prefecture’s website.

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