How to get from Kiev to Vienna: the cheapest option

Как добраться из Киева в Вену: самый дешевый вариант

The cheapest route to Vienna is a plane from Krakow. Austrian Airlines operates flights from Krakow to Vienna daily at 7:20 and 14:40, and low-cost airline Ryanair flies this route every day, the departure time varies depending on the day of the week. The ticket price starts from 17 euros.

You can get to Krakow by bus from Lviv. Tickets cost from 500 hryvnia if you book them a couple of weeks before the trip or earlier. There are night flights with which you can arrive on a morning or lunch flight. It is convenient to search for tickets on the FlixBus or BusFor website.Book flights to Vienna at the best price!

How to get from Kiev to Vienna by train?

There are three possible routes from Kiev to Vienna:

  • 749K Kiev ― Vienna trailer cars (direct train without transfers);
  • By train Kiev – Vienna with transfer at Chop station;
  • By trains through Poland with a transfer in Przemysl.

1. Trailer cars 749K Kiev ― Vienna

The trailer car departs from Kiev at 13:20, from Lviv at 20:09, arrives in Vienna at 11:20. The trailer car departs from Vienna at 16:42, arrives in Lviv at 11:53, and in Kiev at 18:36. A direct ticket costs 3844 hryvnia in a triple compartment.

How do I buy a direct train ticket to Vienna?

Since March 18, 2024, Ukrzaliznytsia has changed the ticket sales system on the Kiev – Vienna route. Now travel documents are sold exclusively in the UZ mobile application with account verification through the “Diya” application.

The sale of tickets for the Kiev – Vienna train opens 20 days in advance at 8:00. They disappear from the system in a matter of minutes.

Earlier it became known that Ukrzaliznytsia is launching a new service: tickets for monitoring can be purchased automatically, even before they go on sale.

You can book a hotel in Vienna with a discount of up to -65% on the website.

Как добраться из Киева в Вену: самый дешевый вариант

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2. By train Kiev – Chop – Vienna

Those who did not manage to catch a seat in a non-stop car can transfer at the Chop station. To do this, Ukrzaliznytsia introduced route No. 745 “Kiev-Uzhgorod”, tied up for a transfer at Chop station to an Austrian train to Vienna. Tickets for two trains “Kiev – Chop” and “Chop – Vienna” are sold in the mobile application at once.

  • The train will depart from Kiev at No. 745 daily at 16:38 (from Lutsk at 17:45, from Rivne at 19:02 at No.368), Lviv 23:31-00:23, Chop 06:20.
  • At the Chop station, passengers undergo border and customs operations and transfer to the Chop – Vienna train No.146, which follows a composition of comfortable seated wagons with Wi-Fi. The train departs from Chop daily at 08:23, Budapest – Keleti 14:20-14:40, arrival at Vienna Main station at 17:20.

The total cost of the trip will be from 2,865 UAH. Also, through the UZ application and at the ticket office, you can purchase a ticket for train No.146 Chop-Vienna, the price is from UAH 1,920 in a class 2 carriage and UAH 3,028 in a first class carriage. You can buy a ticket online in the Ukrzaliznytsia mobile application and at the international ticket offices of railway stations.

Passengers can get to the PSC on their own route, taking into account the time for passing border control. It is advisable to have at least two hours left. A similar scheme applies to travel from Austria to Ukraine.

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