How to get involved in work after a vacation easily and quickly? 7 tips

As much as it was pleasant to relax, it is just as hard to get back into everyday work. Depression and despondency roll in, I don’t want anything and even think about quitting. 

Как легко и быстро втянуться в работу после отпуска? 7 советов

To work after a vacation

Some people are seriously starting to think about changing their type of activity. In general, there comes a certain psychological crisis, the intensity of which depends on each individual person. 

So, in order to overcome your apathy and laziness and continue to work productively, it is necessary to take into account several points. 

  1. Plan your vacation properly. The length of the vacation is of great importance here. It is individual for everyone and is related to the nature of the work. Someone can recover in a week, but for someone two will not be enough.
  2. Clearly plan your time, for example, you will rest and relax for ten days, and in the remaining four you will plan some active activities – you will carry out general cleaning or help your parents with repairs. If you are vacationing in a foreign country, it would be nice to return home a couple of days before going to work in order to have time to adjust to the usual working way – to get rid of the non-native climate, sort out your suitcases and put your thoughts in order. It is better to divide a month of vacation into two periods, so it will be morally easier to get involved in work.
  3. Do not leave any, even non-urgent and not very important things before you leave the vacation. Think about the fact that you will not be in the mood to quickly and promptly resolve emerging issues that have turned from non-urgent into burning ones, add to this increased distraction and inattention, and you will be reprimanded by your superiors. Therefore, gather all your will into a fist and redo the things that can be postponed.
  4. Take sufficient time to inform the employee who replaces you in detail about all the current affairs that you do not have time to complete yourself. This will allow you to forget about work with peace of mind during your vacation, knowing that there are people who are now well aware of everything and will not bother you with calls. As a result, upon returning from vacation, your first working days will not turn into time pressure and you will be able to get into work without excessive workload. You will have the opportunity to take small breaks during the working day, during which you can just chat with colleagues, drink a cup of fragrant tea or just breathe fresh air for a few minutes on the porch of your organization.
  5. Morning jogging, fitness classes, a swimming pool, as well as long walks in the fresh air will also help to relieve accumulated emotional stress.
  6. Rest is always a lot of new experiences and meetings, so do not deny yourself these pleasures when going to work. For example, schedule a meeting with a friend in the evening or go for a massage. Treat yourself to a fashionable and beautiful new thing, in which it will be nice to appear at work. In general, do not deny yourself the pleasures, just learn how to combine them with your work.
  7. Or maybe you are no longer satisfied with your current job? After all, according to statistics, half of the vacationers have crazy thoughts about changing activities. Think carefully here. What’s it? Just a temporary whim or an overdue, but carefully concealed dissatisfaction with their activities. If the latter, then you will have a real opportunity to start looking for an interesting and joyful business with a fresh head and new thoughts. Some people on vacation may be visited by unusual creative ideas. You will look at familiar problems and tasks with a new, fresh look and will be able to offer the boss an interesting solution to old problems, which may not fail to affect your income.

All this will help you easily and painlessly get into the work rut, forward to new work achievements.

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