How to move to Turkey in 2024? Everything that needs to be considered

Как перехать в Турцию в 2024? Всё, что нужно учесть

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Advantages of living in Turkey

  • Low cost of living: The cost of goods and services is low, especially when income is in foreign currency. Even with high inflation, it remains significantly lower than in other European countries, for example, at least 50% lower than in Germany.
  • Affordable housing: The rental price depends on the location, but even in popular tourist places you can find apartments at a low price, starting from $200 per month. Even in large cities such as Istanbul, rent remains significantly cheaper than in Spain or Portugal.
  • Low utility bills: For electricity, heating and cooling of housing, the average fee is $65-70 per month, including water and garbage collection.
  • Quality medicine: Turkey has a high level of medical care that attracts medical tourists. The cost of treatment here is much lower than in European countries, and is available even for foreign patients.
  • Hospitality and friendliness: Turks are known for their friendly attitude towards guests, which makes staying in the country pleasant and comfortable.
  • Ease of starting a business: It is easy to register a business in Turkey, the process takes a minimum of time, but it is important to contact the right specialists to avoid unnecessary expenses.
  • High security level: The country has a high level of security, which makes it attractive for families with children and those who value peace and security.
  • Convenient infrastructure for business: Foreigners can carry out commercial activities under the same conditions as local residents, with minor restrictions such as the need to own a company in order to obtain a work visa and the ratio of the number of foreign workers to Turkish ones.

Disadvantages of living in Turkey

  • Unpredictable migration policy: Turkey has stopped issuing a residence permit (residence permit) for rent, tightened the rules for issuing a residence permit based on the purchase of real estate and declared some tourist areas “closed” for obtaining a residence permit.
  • Lack of driving culture and environmental problems: Many residents and visitors litter, violate traffic rules, which can lead to dangerous situations on the roads.
  • High prices for cars and electronics: Cars and electronics are significantly more expensive in Turkey due to the additional luxury tax and import duties.
  • Poor quality of school education: In public schools, education is conducted exclusively in Turkish, and in private schools, tuition fees are high.
  • Difficulties with obtaining citizenship and residence permit: The process of obtaining citizenship or residence permit can be long and complicated, with high financial requirements and restrictions.
  • Cultural differences and language barrier: Some visitors may experience difficulties due to cultural differences and language barriers, especially in communicating with local residents and in everyday situations.

How to legalize in Turkey

There are several types of residence permit (residence permit) in Turkey:

How to get a residence permit in Turkey

A short-term residence permit is suitable for those who plan to stay in Turkey for more than 90 days. Such a residence permit can be issued for up to five years. There are several ways to obtain a short-term residence permit in Turkey:

  • Tourist residence permit,
  • Residence permit for treatment,
  • Residence permit for business,
  • Residence permit for scientific research,
  • Residence permit for on-the-job study,
  • Residence permit for exchange studies,
  • Residence permit for Turkish language courses,
  • Residence permit for studies, research and internships in public institutions,
  • Residence permit for foreigners who have already received higher education in Turkey,
  • Residence permit by guarantee,
  • Residence permit for owners of residential real estate in Turkey,
  • Residence permit for investors.

You can apply for any residence permit and make it a status on the website of the Turkish migration service. You can also check on the website what documents are needed to apply for any type of residence permit.

Как перехать в Турцию в 2024? Всё, что нужно учесть

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