How to save money on Ryanair flights? – tripmydream

Как сэкономить средства на перелетах авиакомпании Ryanair? - tripmydream

There are increasingly cases when passengers are forced to overpay for the services of the low-cost airline Ryanair. Travel experts have compiled the best tips for travelers to avoid additional expenses. October 04, 2023 AUTHOR: Darin’s penny 0 3 min

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Как сэкономить средства на перелетах авиакомпании Ryanair? - tripmydream

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Figure out the currency

Firstly, it is advisable to disable the double conversion function when paying with a bank card. When booking a ticket from abroad, it is better to specify the fare in the currency of the country from which you are departing.

Secondly, you can opt out of Ryanair’s automatic exchange rate. This can be done by clicking the option “Would you like to know more about our guaranteed exchange rate?”: uncheck the automatic currency conversion function.

Think about the tariff

The airline offers a huge selection of different fares and additional features. However, the Flexi Plus fare has the most advantages of all: the right to change flights without commission, the choice of a seat with more legroom, faster control and two permitted bags in the cabin.

When you add all the functions separately, a permanent tariff turns out to be more expensive.

Free seat on the plane and luggage

If you are traveling on your own or are ready to see on the plane separately, you can not pay extra for a specific place, as required by the low-cost airline.

It is also better to take less luggage with you, because the low-cost airline usually does not forget about checking suitcases.

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