In which European cities can I use public transport for free? – tripmydream

В каких городах Европы можно пользоваться общественным транспортом бесплатно? - tripmydream

More and more European cities are switching to free public transport for certain age and social categories. This article contains a detailed list of cities that provide such a service, as well as the conditions under which it can be obtained. January 22, 2024 AUTHOR: Darin’s penny 0 5 min

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В каких городах Европы можно пользоваться общественным транспортом бесплатно? - tripmydream

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The city of Montpellier in France

Since December 21, all residents of Montpellier in France have been able to use public transport for free.

The transition to free travel took place in stages: in 2020, weekends became free, and in September 2021, this rule extended to any day of the week for residents over 65 or under 18 years old. Guests and tourists must pay 1.6 euros per trip, while residents are entitled to free travel.

This decision makes Montpellier the first major city in France to provide free public transport, like other French municipalities such as Nantes and Dunkirk.

In which other European cities is public transport free?

Tallinn, Estonia

After the 2013 referendum, residents of Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, expressed their primary support for the introduction of free public transport. Since that time, urban transport has been operating free of charge for more than ten years with minimal obstacles.

Dunkirk, France

In the city of Dunkirk in France, the introduction of free use of buses and trams for local residents has indeed led to a decrease in car traffic. Starting in 2018, residents can use public transport absolutely free of charge.

A study several months after the initiative was introduced in Dunkirk confirmed that more than half of local residents no longer use their own cars, noting that more than 50% of respondents regularly choose buses. Approximately 5% admitted that the availability of free public transport influenced their decision to sell their car or not buy a second one.

Aubagne, France

Oban is defined as a pioneer in the implementation of the world’s first free transport system, operating since 2009. The initiative, which was initially considered as a simple experiment, turned out to be very successful. In addition, the popularity of public transport has increased by 235%.

Cascais, Portugal

Cascais is so far the only municipality in Portugal that offers free public transport and is satisfied with its results.

В каких городах Европы можно пользоваться общественным транспортом бесплатно? - tripmydream

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Livigno Municipality

In the municipality of Livigno in the Italian Alps, public transport is provided free of charge from 7:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Many residents would be happy if Amsterdam decided to make its public transport network completely free. This has not yet been implemented, however, city ferries traveling through the city’s canals offer free transportation for cyclists and moped drivers.

Samokov, Bulgaria

The Free Transport initiative was initially aimed at local residents, but two years after its launch, public transport became available for free to everyone.

В каких городах Европы можно пользоваться общественным транспортом бесплатно? - tripmydream

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Valene, Slovenia

Velenj is the sixth largest city in Slovenia, which has set its goal to become climate neutral and reasonable by 2030. The city offers free yellow buses aimed at achieving this goal. Also a special feature is the lake of the same name, which is the deepest in the country, which can be reached by bus for free.

It should be noted that the number of cities in Poland has increased, where local residents do not need to pay for public transport. In one of these cities, Yastshembe-Zdroj, free transport became available on January 1, 2024, and in Kolobrzeg a similar innovation is planned for the summer.

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