Israel introduces electronic entry permits for visa-free countries from June 1

It is expected that this will avoid long queues upon arrival in Israel.

Израиль с 1 июня вводит электронные разрешения на въезд для безвизовых стран

Israel introduces electronic entry permits for tourists from visa-free countries from June 1. According to the new system, tourists from countries with a visa-free regime will have to fill out a special application form in advance to obtain an entry permit. The Department of Population and Migration of Israel clarified: the system for issuing electronic permits to enter the country (ETA-IL – Electronic Travel Authorization Israel) will work from the beginning of summer 2024.
The schedule for launching the program is as follows: 01 June – pilot part for citizens of the USA and Germany (obtaining ETA-IL is optional and free); from July 01 – pilot part for citizens of all countries with which Israel has signed an agreement on visa-free regime, including Russia (also not necessarily is also free of charge);August 01, obtaining ETA-IL will be mandatory for all persons entitled to enter Israel without a visa (for a fee of 25 shekels (≈ 6,75 USD)).
It is assumed that such an entry permit will be valid for several trips to Israel within two years or until the expiration of the passport, whichever comes first.The ETA-IL online platform is here:Заявку you can submit it at any time, but definitely before departure to Israel. It is recommended to do this before booking flights, hotel rooms, insurance and other expenses related to the trip.They promise to issue ETA-IL within 24-72 hours, and sometimes in a few minutes. An e-visa fee of 25 shekels (about $ 7) will be charged. The application will need to be accompanied by a scan of the passport, a round-trip air ticket, travel medical insurance and a document with general information about the trip to Israel. The application will be considered up to 48 hours. The issued visa will be valid for two years.It is recommended to fill out the form no later than 72 hours before departure. The application will be reviewed within 24 hours, but there may be a delay of up to 72 hours. The permit will be valid for two years or until the expiration of the passport, depending on which event comes first. If the permit expires while you were in Israel, this will not entail deportation. Israeli citizens with second citizenship and permanent residents of the country who have a visa to stay in Israel do not need to obtain such permits.However, obtaining an ETA-IL permit does not guarantee that entry into Israel will be approved. The Border Guard reserves the right to act at its discretion and even refuse entry. It is expected that the new electronic visas will help to avoid long queues upon arrival in Israel. Many foreigners, in particular citizens of Ukraine, Belarus, Russia and other post-Soviet countries, face a long wait for interrogation and interrogation by border guards in Israel.

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