Mersin beaches: which are the most beautiful and where to swim?

The Mediterranean coast of the Turkish province of Mers and stretches for 320 km. There are over 50 equipped and dozens of tiny, including wild beaches, some of which can only be reached on foot.

What are the beaches in Mersin?

Mersin Province is divided into 13 districts, four of which make up the city of Mersin (Akdeniz, Mezitli, Toroslar and Yenishikhir), the remaining 9 belong to the province. All beaches can be divided into 8 conditional groups:

Пляжи Мерсина: какие самые красивые и где купаться?

Map of districts of Mersin province

  1. Beaches in the central part of Mersin (on the embankment) – Akdeniz and Yenişehir districts;
  2. Beaches of the Mezitli area (Mezitli), including the neighborhoods of Soli and Tece;
  3. Beaches of the area Erdemli (Erdemli), including Çeşmeli and Kızkalesi;
  4. Beaches of the area Silifke (Silifke), including Yapraklı Koy and Tisan;
  5. Beaches of the Gulnar area (Gulnar);
  6. Beaches of the area Aydıncık (Aydıncık);
  7. Beaches of the area Bozyazy (Bozyazı);
  8. Beaches of the area Anamur (Anamur).

How long is the swimming season in Mersin? 

The swimming season usually lasts from the beginning of May to the middle of November. But if the spring is hot, the season may begin in April.

What are the beaches in Mersin?

The beaches in the area of Mersin are mostly sandy or sandy-pebbly. The sea near the shore is usually cloudy because of the sand. In other areas, there are pebble and stony-pebble beaches with crystal clear water. But you need to go here – from 70 to 180 km.

The entire coast within a radius of 100 km from the city suffers from a periodic influx of fine crushed plastic. I assume that it is being thrown off ships waiting in line for unloading at the port of Mersin.The closer to the city of Mersin, the dirtier it gets. And a typical picture on many beaches is sand with sunflower husks, cigarette butts, plastic cups and other debris. 

Many residents of Mersin do not like beaches within a radius of 50 km from the city, considering them dirty, and prefer to drive away to the beaches in the Silifke area.  

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