New ideas for summer holidays in Thailand

Новые идеи для отдыха в Таиланде летом

Do you think that in the summer at many resorts Thailand has nothing to do? Do you think you won’t swim, you won’t sunbathe, it’s boring and the eternal rains? No. And if you have never been to Thailand in the summer, then a truly exciting summer adventure is still ahead. Together with the Tourist The Office of Thailand (TAT) has compiled a list of original locations and activities for each month of summer.

I remember with caution that correspondents of the Russian media, including Vestnik ATOR, were waiting for tropical rains on their first summer visit to Thailand, and more specifically to Phuket. But it wasn’t the rains that filled our vacation to the brim, but all sorts of emotions and impressions.

However, there were rains too – twice in 10 days. The first time a downpour caught us on a walk around Phuket Town. He was so graceful and strong that I didn’t even want to hide from him – they ran in the rain like naughty children. Emotions were childish then, too, so pure. The second arrival of rain happened at the hotel. Then we screeched off to swim in the pool, surrounded by tropical greenery. It was a joy…

After the first summer in Thailand, there was a second and a third. And every time – hotels at discounted prices, a huge amount of exotic fruits, the absence of crowds of tourists, excellent tan, moisture, saturating and “rejuvenating” the skin. There was also a swim in the calm sea.

In today’s review, we will omit the classic summer vacation options mentioned above, more about the possibilities of which we have described here. Let’s replace the classics with originality.


Thailand blooms and smells in summer. And of course, this floral story is not limited to frangipani alone. There are a million tropical flowers and plants everywhere – you can’t call it anything but a miracle. Pay attention to the Siamese tulips (on the cover).

Siamese tulips bloom only in summer, during the rainy season. In fact, these pink flowers, despite the name, are not related to the tulip, they are a close relative of turmeric.

It is best to observe them in the national park Fa Hin Ngam in the province of Chaiyaphum, in the northeastern part of Thailand, in the Isan region, 300 km from Bangkok. In addition to flowers, exotic fauna, jungles, and rivers await tourists there. You can go rafting.

For a colorful floral, feel free to go to the northern province Phitsanulok, to the national park Phu Hin Rong Kla. Beautiful white flowers About Fu (Caulokaempferia Thailandica) bloom there in summer.

Новые идеи для отдыха в Таиланде летом

Tsyety in Phu Hin Rong Kla National Park, Thailand. Photo: Wikimedia Commons, Creative Commons license

People also go to Phitsanulok for rafting. Fans of such a holiday, looking for unusual locations, can always be found on the Khek River. After an active holiday on the river, you can go to the mountains, visit national parks and waterfalls. And then – to the factory for the production of Buddha figures, to the Dr. Thavi Folklore Museum and to the 14th-century Wat Mahathat temple on the east bank of the Nan River.

Phitsanulok Province can be reached from Bangkok in 1 hour. Round–trip tickets per person cost at Thai Lion Air in June – 5.2 thousand rubles.

Another river activity is rafting on the Nakhon Nayok River in the province of the same name, located 100 km from Bangkok. After descending the river, you can stop for a few days at the Wangbon Reservoir, surrounded by mountains. If you spend the night in a tent by the water, in the morning you can witness a magical picture – a sleepy fog floating over the lake.

Of course, there are other vacation options in Nakhon Nayok province:go mountain biking, horseback riding and hiking in the jungle. And, of course, it’s worth going to the Khao Yai National Park.

June is also great for hiking on mountain trails, through tropical forests. Below are some examples of locations for such activities:

  • Fu Soi Dao Trail in northern Uttraradit Province
  • Fu Hin Rong Kla natural location in northern Phitsanulok Province
  • Khao Krachom Mountain in Ratchaburi Province
  • Ban Pa Bong Piang rice terraces in Chiang Mai Province
  • mountain locations – Phu Thap Buk and Khao Kho in Phetchabun province.


The main event of Thailand’s festival life in July is the ancient holiday Khao Phansa, dedicated to the beginning of Buddhist fasting and the three-month rainy season.

It is time for monks to meditate – many of them will not leave the temples for three months. Well, for tourists, it’s just a colorful celebration of the Candle Festival. In each province of Thailand, large shaped candles will be made and then presented to different temples.

One of the original holiday locations is considered to be the parkTung Sri Muang in the eastern province of Ubon Ratchathani. Many tourists also go to the Wat Phra Phuttabat temple in Saraburi province, which is 100 km from Bangkok.

There will be a festival in the province of Chantaburi, located near the popular Chang Island.Fruit festival. You can try the most delicious rambutans, mangosteen, langsats, durians there, of course. It is in Chantaburi that the world’s largest plantation of this legendary fruit is located.

Новые идеи для отдыха в Таиланде летом

Mangosteen in Thailand. Photo

After the fruit, you can always enjoy fried rice noodles with fresh local crabs, guava-flavored ice cream, soups and coffee with a view of the river. And then – to wander around the shops with jewelry. Chantaburi is considered the gemstone capital of Thailand.

July is also a great time to explore the nature of Thailand. Below are some examples of picturesque locations:

  • mountain Doi Chiang Dao is one of the highest peaks in Thailand. Chiang Mai Province
  • Yun Lai observation deck in Pai town. Mae Hong Son Province
  • Hin Sam Wan Rock (Three Whales Rock). The rocks were formed 75 million years ago and look like whales swimming in the middle of a forest. Bueng Kan Province
  • KhunSatan National Park. Nan Province
  • Sai Yok Noi Waterfall in Sai Yok National Park. Kanchanaburi Province
  • 100-meter Khlong Lan waterfall in Khlong Lan National Park. Kamphaeng Phet Province with more than 700 years of history.


In August, you can go to Thailand with your mother. Any month will do, of course. But in August it will be symbolic. It is in August, on the 12th, on the birthday of Her Majesty Queen Sirikit, that Mother’s Day is celebrated in Thailand. The Queen Mother turned 91 last year. 

On August 12, all moms in Thailand are in the spotlight. On Mother’s Day, the streets are decorated, blue flags are hung (the queen was born on Friday, which corresponds to this color)Concerts, cultural events, and charity events are held with the symbols of the royal house. Women are given a lot of flowers on this day. There will definitely be jasmine. This is the queen’s flower, a symbol of maternal love and selflessness.

Trips to the northern provinces of Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai can also make August memorable in Thailand.

In Chiang Rai, the Akha Mountain Tribe Festival begins at the end of August, in honor of the goddess of fertility and Akha women. The festival is very colorful. The women of the tribe wear beautiful traditional costumes and jewelry, dance, and perform rituals. And for “dessert,” Akha women ride giant swings made of bamboo and wood set on high cliffs. In general, the event is filled with unrestrained energy, dancing and tribal music.

After the festival in Chiang Rai, there are interesting tourist attractions of the province: the White Temple, the Black House, the Golden Bowl Museum, the museum of mountain tribes, thermal springs, the picturesque Singh Park, the golden temple of Ham Kam with historical exhibitions, etc.

Новые идеи для отдыха в Таиланде летом

White Temple, Chiang Rai Province. Photo:

Alexandra Polyanskaya

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