Russian ski resorts open the 2023/24 season

Российские горнолыжные курорты открывают сезон 2023/24

The Russian winter outdoor recreation season has started in the Murmansk region.

On the slopes of the largest resort in the region, “Big Wood”, fans of skiing came out on November 5.

11 resorts on the Kola Peninsula are ready to welcome skiers and snowboarders. Among them: “Lights of Murmansk”, “Southern slope”, “Kukisvumchorr”, etc. In the starting season, which may last, like the previous one, until the beginning of June, two cable cars are expected to be put into operation.

The length of the trails on “Sheregesh” was increased to 60 km

On November 18, “Sheregesh-fest” opened the ski season in the Kemerovo region. The main winter resort of Kuzbass has prepared many surprises for vacationers. For example, a tubing park has started working here, and a ski school has also been opened.


During the off-season, the resort administration worked on expanding the infrastructure. The number of guest accommodation has been increased by 364 due to the opening of 120 modular hotels. A variety of accommodation options should also please vacationers: you can stay in a four-star hotel or choose a format “for students”.


There are now 21 lifts for tourists, and another transport facility has been added. Finally, the length of the trails has been increased to 60 km.


In a «hotel on wheels» in the mountain resorts of the North Caucasus

Kabardino-Balkaria was the first region of the North Caucasus to receive skiers on November 20. Republican resorts are just rolling into the season, during which fans of visiting the Elbrus region will appreciate the new transfer programs from Russian Railways. Recreation areas, next to which 37 km of trails are equipped and 11 lifts operate, have been combined into a multimodal route. To travel, it is enough to purchase a single ticket.


It is now more convenient for tourists to get to the resorts of Karachay-Cherkessia. With the start of the winter season, hotel wagons from Russian Railways began to run between the republic and the Krasnodar Territory and the Rostov region. Passengers actually become participants in a two-day tour of the region with a mandatory stop at one of the two popular holiday destinations – Arkhyz and, of course, Dombai.


In the 2023/24 season, both resorts will start operating in early December. “Dombai” can simultaneously accommodate up to 7 thousand vacationers, who have access to 12 trails with a length of 25 km, 9 cable cars. By the way, the administration took care of the little skiers. A slope is open for children-a “paddling pool”.


Arkhyz hotels accept up to 15 thousand vacationers. The resort’s infrastructure includes 27 km of trails and 8 cable cars.


The Far East is also ready for the influx of skiers. Since December 1, guests of Sakhalin Island are expected on resort trails with a total length of over 40 km. 

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