Thailand has compiled five rules for tourists to relax in the country

Таиланд составил для туристов пять правил отдыха в стране

Thailand is the most diverse country and only beaches, of course, not limited to. In order to help tourists fully enjoy this Asian kingdom, the country’s tourism authorities have formed five recommendations for the competent “consumption” of tourist Thailand.

A long flight, an exotic country, other people and food, a solid set of colorful locations – tourists who choose a vacation with such parameters are waiting not just for comfort, but for new experiences.


The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), in accordance with the relevant decree of Prime Minister Setthi Thawisin, has actively promoted the central regions nearby Bangkok.

We are talking about four provinces – Suphanburi, Kanchanaburi, Ratchaburi and Petchaburi. The promotion program is called “4 cities of the Storm”.

By the way, the modernization of Hua Hin Airport is also in this program. And one more “by the way” – Russian tour operators can arrange tours to all these provinces.

All these provinces have something to surprise curious tourists, it is comfortable, pleasant and interesting to relax there in every sense. In order to orient tourists to TAT, they even compiled several rules for exploring these provinces, which, however, can be applied to many other locations in Thailand.

When exploring the 4 cities of the Storm, tourists are required to complete five “tasks”, or rather important things. Each rule has its own message:

  • tourists “Must win” (read – must see Thai boxing)
  • tourists “Must eat” (read – must taste the national cuisine)
  • tourists “Must search” (read – must get acquainted with the rich culture of Thailand)
  • tourists “Must buy” (read – must buy Thai fabrics)
  • tourists “Must see” (read – must have fun at Thai shows)

And any trip should always keep surprises in itself, so we will tell you only about some of the possibilities of the 4 cities of the Storm, with an eye to the rules, of course.


Phetchaburi, located 120 km from Bangkok, has a rich and significant history for the kingdom. This is one of the oldest cities in Thailand and a huge number of attractions have been preserved there since the VIII century.

There is a Kaeng Krachan Nature Reserve with waterfalls, caves and lakes in the vicinity of the province. And 20 kilometers from the city there is Chao Samran beach, where even members of the royal family of Thailand relax.

The largest naga statue (a snake-like mythical creature) is also worth a look In Thailand, she is located at Wat Tham Cheng in the resort of Cha Am.

To get acquainted with folk traditions, you can go to see the traditional bull racing. Bull racing is considered a favorite sport in Phetchaburi, deeply intertwined with the local culture.


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If you come to the province in February, you can become a participant in the annual fireworks festival dedicated to the founding of the Phra Nakhon Khiri Palace. It was built in 1860 as the summer residence of King Rama IV.

And, of course, Phetchaburi is food. The city is considered gastronomic, there are many traditional dishes – spicy soups and salads, fish, seafood, fried noodles. It is worth trying, for example, Kaeng Kua Hua Tan (palm curry). By the way, local chefs are very fond of seasonings, some dishes contain 40 different spices at once. 

How to get there: the most convenient way is to go from Bangkok. It is possible by car, bus or train. Trains stop at a station located one kilometer from the central part of the city. It is very convenient to travel from Cha-Am and Hua Hin. From Phuket, from the province of Krabi, you can take a car or bus.


I want to talk about Suphanburi poetically, smiling and slightly bowing my head. This is an ancient city with beautiful nature and interesting temples, including the 12th century Wat Pa Lelai, which has an ancient 23-meter bronze statue of a seated Buddha.

Suphanburi carefully preserves its traditions, including musical ones, for which it was included in the UNESCO list of creative musical cities. Many music festivals are held here, and musical culture is actively developing.

Suphanburi is closely associated with such a popular worldwide genre of Thai music as Luk Thung (Luk Thung). It can be compared to country music. This genre appeared in the middle of the 20th century under the influence of the hard everyday life of ordinary rural people. Many performers of this music came from Suphanburi.

Being in Suphanburi, of course, you can hear the onion thung, in one of the local restaurants, for example.

How to get there: it is convenient to leave Bangkok. About 160 km.  


Kanchanaburi, the third largest province in Thailand, is popular with tourists with the country’s most beautiful waterfalls and ancient caves located in national parks, a historic bridge over the River Kwai, a royal teak factory, a tiger temple, a floating market, historical and cultural heritage, the opportunity to experience the real life of Thailand and even live on a bamboo the raft.

How to get there: the most convenient way is from Bangkok, which is 130 km away. from the capital of the same name Kanchanaburi.

Ratchaburi, founded during the existence of the kingdom of Dvaravati, more than 1000 years ago, is located even closer to Bangkok – 80 kilometers away.

If you take the time to this province, she will be happy to show tourists the Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the only alpaca farm in Thailand, the healing hot spring Bo Khlueng, caves and the stunning stone park Khao Ngu (Khao Ngu Park). There, tourists walk along paths laid between steep cliffs. The lake at their foot gives the landscape a special charm. 

The Damnoen Saduak floating market, which has been successfully operating for 100 years, will not leave tourists without impressions. Advice for those who will buy food in Ratchaburi – do not pass by fresh milk, it is high-quality, tasty and cheap in the province.

Alexandra Polyanskaya

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