The cheapest way to get from Ukraine to Bucharest airport

Самый дешевый способ добраться из Украины в аэропорт Бухареста

There is still no railway connection between Ukraine and Romania, so it is not so easy for Ukrainians to get to Bucharest. The fastest way is by direct bus. You can get by train through Chisinau, or by trains through Chernivtsi, but in this case you will still have to cross the border by bus. April 23, 2024 0 4 min

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Самый дешевый способ добраться из Украины в аэропорт Бухареста

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The cheapest route to Bucharest

Budget access to Bucharest is possible through Chernivtsi, from where buses regularly depart to the border town of Suceava. From there, you can comfortably take a train to Bucharest. The cost of such a route starts from UAH 1,430.

  • The first destination is Chernivtsi. From No.007 “Kiev – Chernivtsi” departs at 20:21 from Kiev and arrives in Chernivtsi at 8:05. The cost of tickets in the reserved seat car is about 450 UAH, compartment – 800 UAH. There are also direct trains to Chernivtsi from several cities: Kiev, Odessa, Poltava, Kremenchuk, Zaporizhia, Lviv and Uzhgorod.
  • Next, you need to get to the Romanian city of Suceava, which is located near the border with Ukraine. There is no railway connection there, so you can only get there by bus. Several bus carriers travel in this direction and flights depart almost every hour, a suitable flight departs at 9:00 from the airport terminal of Chernivtsi and arrives in Suceava at 11:30. The cost of tickets starts from 350 UAH, and the travel time will take from two and a half hours, depending on the waiting time at the border. Tickets are recommended to be booked in advance for online bus services.
  • There are regular railway flights from Suceava to Bucharest several times a day by the Romanian carrier CFR Calatori – check the schedule on the website. Travel time is about 5 hours, and the cost is from 630 to 1310 UAH.

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Самый дешевый способ добраться из Украины в аэропорт Бухареста

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How to get to Bucharest from Ukraine?

1. By train via Chisinau

  • Train No. 351 “Kiev-Passenger – Chisinau” departs from the Ukrainian capital on odd numbers at 17:05, and arrives in the capital of Moldova at 11:44 the next day. The train includes compartment cars, tickets in which cost from 2351 UAH, and reserved seats at a price of 1688 UAH per seat.
  • Train No. 105 Chisinau – Bucharest: departure at 17:05 and arrival in Bucharest at 6:35 the next day. The journey time is 13 hours. Train tickets start at 35 euros.

2. By direct bus

The easiest route is a direct bus to Bucharest. There are day and night flights from several carriers, departing in the morning or evening. The travel time from Odessa takes about 13 hours, tickets cost from 1600 UAH. You can get from Chernivtsi in 11 hours and 30 minutes, paying from 1500 UAH. There are also several direct flights from Kiev, costing from 1900 UAH, and the trip takes about 20 hours.

You can also take a bus to Chisinau and change trains there to Bucharest, but such a trip will cost more.

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