The Mexican Foreign Ministry is in talks with the Turkish government about the situation with Turkish Airlines

The Mexican Foreign Ministry gave recommendations for Russians wishing to visit the country

МИД Мексики ведет переговоры с турецким правительством о ситуации с Turkish Airlines

The Mexican Foreign Ministry is negotiating with the Turkish government about the situation with a Russian tourist who was denied boarding a Turkish Airlines plane en route from Istanbul to Mexico. Izvestia writes about this with reference to the department’s data.”We are concerned about this situation, so our embassy in Turkey and the consulate in Istanbul are negotiating with both the Turkish government and the airline to try to find a solution to this problem,” the ministry said.The Mexican Foreign Ministry also gave several recommendations for Russians wishing to visit the country.The ministry said that in order for Russian citizens to travel to Mexico and successfully pass control, they need to obtain a tourist visa, have the necessary documents with them and proof of financial viability.”However, it must be borne in mind that a visa does not guarantee entry to Mexico, which will depend on the answers of Russian tourists to the questions asked by immigration officers at the points of entry into our country,” the department concluded.It was also clarified that Russians who have a permanent residence permit or a valid visa to Canada, the United States, Japan, the United Kingdom or the countries of the Schengen area will not need a Mexican tourist visa.Turkish Airlines employees on April 19 did not allow the Russian to board the plane, which was supposed to travel from Istanbul to Mexico. The tourist from St. Petersburg had all the necessary documents in his hands, everything was in order with them. The young man added that this was not an isolated case.: Several more Russian citizens were unable to fly out of Turkey.At the same time, a representative of Turkish Airlines said that the position of the Mexican government could be the likely reason for the refusal. He pointed out that the Mexican authorities are concerned about the refugee situation, which is why many people may not be allowed on flights to the country.On April 21, it became known that Russian diplomats in Turkey expect a reaction from the Turkish Foreign Ministry and the airline’s management in connection with difficulties with the transit of Russian citizens to Latin American countries.Later, the Russian Embassy in Ankara gave several recommendations to Russians in connection with the practice of Turkish Airlines refusing tourists with Russian passports to board flights to Latin American countries. One of the measures is to file a lawsuit against the airline demanding compensation.

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