Top 6 Tips on How to Secure Your Gadgets during your Vacation

Топ-6 советов, как обезопасить свои гаджеты во время отпуска

1. Do not allow the device to overheat

It’s not just our bodies that overheat at high temperatures. No matter what kind of device you have: iPhone, Samsung or “Chinese”, you need to make sure that the phone stays cool, even when you are in the sun.

A mobile phone is much like a human body, experts say. The internal components heat up and emit heat during operation, and when overheating occurs, the “brains” give the command and turn off certain processes in order to cool down faster. For example, when the phone overheats, applications run slower.

When you are not using your gadget, keep it in the shade — under an umbrella and in a beach bag. If the device may be needed every second, hold it face down and make sure that it does not stay directly in the sun. Another tip is to temporarily disable unnecessary applications and functions that you don’t use, such as Wi—Fi and GPS, as they consume unnecessary energy and heat up the device at the same time.

Топ-6 советов, как обезопасить свои гаджеты во время отпуска


2. Avoid contact with water

There is nothing worse than finding your phone in the pocket of your shorts after diving into the pool. Water ingress is likely to seriously damage the gadget, and most models of the previous generation may not survive this moment at all.

Moreover, the area around the pools is often covered with a layer of water, and if the phone is at the bottom of a beach bag, it can get wet faster than you find it.

A very simple way to secure electronic devices is to put them in a sealed plastic “cosmetic bag”, in addition, special waterproof phone cases are sold on the Internet that will help keep the gadget dry while swimming or doing water sports.

But here’s a tip for you: be sure to check before your trip whether they actually do not let water through, or if these are just advertising promises from a Chinese factory.

Топ-6 советов, как обезопасить свои гаджеты во время отпуска

3. Test how waterproof your phone is

We all roughly understand that our devices are waterproof, but when it comes to the first test on vacation, doubts begin to prevail.

Many modern technologies can withstand a short stay in the water, but this does not mean that they should endlessly “have fun” in the water with you. For example, unlike some later models, the first-generation Apple Watch is designed to be submerged in water for a maximum of 30 minutes. Agree, it’s better not to take risks, but to take off your watch if you plan to spend the whole day in the pool. Well, if possible, update your smartwatch before the trip, if you need to keep it on all the time.

It’s a similar story with headphones. If you want to listen to music in the pool, remember that your AirPods can only withstand a small amount of moisture. Therefore, if you forget to take them out before bathing, 99 percent that you will say goodbye to them forever.

Tip: to avoid unpleasant surprises, leave everything you can do without in the hotel room, or even better — in the safe.

Топ-6 советов, как обезопасить свои гаджеты во время отпуска


4. Don’t take any risks and keep your gadgets in a safe place

Unfortunately, things, especially expensive ones, are often lost during the holidays. And they can simply be stolen.  

In order not to spoil your mood, you should always try to keep them in a safe place.

Again, the easiest way is to leave valuables in your room, especially if there is a safe there.  This will not only help you find peace of mind, but also allow you not to think about your phone every minute while spending time in the pool or at sea.

Well, the more advanced ones know that for both Android devices and iPhones, there are applications that constantly monitor the location of the phone and even know how to remotely block it.

Топ-6 советов, как обезопасить свои гаджеты во время отпуска

5. Insure your mobile equipment before traveling

A vacation is designed to be able to really relax, but dropping your phone from the balcony is one of the fastest ways to get back to reality. Fortunately, today you can insure your equipment for a small part of its cost and provide yourself with peace of mind. If your existing insurance does not cover the risks associated with damage or loss of your devices while abroad, you should purchase an additional insurance policy for gadgets. It will definitely cost less than buying a new Samsung Galaxy or iPhone.

Топ-6 советов, как обезопасить свои гаджеты во время отпуска

6. Check the current roaming charges

It is quite possible that a lot has changed there since you last went abroad, including the cost of telecommunications services. In fact, many networks have raised roaming charges.

To avoid unexpected amounts in phone bills upon return from a trip, double check the terms of use of telephone and Internet roaming. To avoid uncontrolled traffic consumption, consider buying a SIM card with a prepaid tariff and replenish your account as you use it.

Well, the following simple method gives a 100% guarantee: turn off data transmission and use the Internet only when connected to Wi-Fi.

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