Travel after COVID-19

Путешествия после COVID-19

Georgy Alexandrov said: “Travel helps to understand the beauty of space and the pricelessness of time.” COVID-19 made us realize that the very opportunity to travel is priceless.

Just a few months ago, we were living in a reality in which traveling was as accessible as going to the cinema. Just a few months ago, the entire globe was at our service. The coronavirus has changed our reality again – and now everyone is wondering what travel will be like after COVID-19.

We traveled easily and crossed continents. Now the lives of many of us are limited by self-isolation, closed borders of Russia and other countries. We can only remember our travels, looking at photos, and dream about where we can go when the quarantine is lifted.

What if this special time was just a fantastic opportunity to rethink our attitude to travel?Right now, while we are in isolation, we have time to realize what the perfect journey will be – the perfect one for each of us.

Путешествия после COVID-19

Someone dreams of the purest waters and sandy beaches, someone remembers the narrow streets and ancient stones of medieval cities, someone again dreams of a fantastic dawn over the waters of the Indian Ocean. Someone chooses the same hotel where they had such a good rest last year, and someone finally decides on an exotic trip to “untrained” countries. The trip I’ve been putting off for so long. The vast open world offered us an incredible choice, but in fact deprived us of a huge part of the anticipation of the holiday. The coronavirus has given us the dream of traveling again.

Путешествия после COVID-19

After the borders are opened, we will see that the world has changed. People, everyday life, many traditions have changed-even nature has experienced a certain renaissance period, having been cleansed of traces of human activity accumulated over the years and decades. But not only the world will change, but we will change ourselves. Our attitude to travel will change, it will become more conscious. When you know that you can easily lose, you appreciate it doubly. Trips will be more carefully planned, they will become richer in excursions, adventures, and events.

Путешествия после COVID-19

Event tourism will become an even more popular type of recreation. Indeed, it has always seemed to us that a holiday that repeats itself in any country from year to year will not go anywhere. How many times have we said to ourselves: “It would be nice to see the Carnival of Venice, but okay, if not this year, then next year.” But this year there was no Venetian Carnival, there was no Parade in Moscow on May 9, and only the Japanese themselves could enjoy the flowering of the Japanese sakura.

Путешествия после COVID-19

In conditions of self-isolation, our lives have moved to the Internet, as predicted by the authors of science fiction books. Direct human communication has become a luxury for many. Cultural events are either canceled or take place in the form of online broadcasts, behind closed doors. But watching a play or concert on TV is not the same as being in the auditorium, among people charged with the same emotions as yourself. Concerts and football matches, festivals and holidays give us not only the pleasure of the event itself, but also the pleasure of belonging to a community of people who share our interests. And when the restrictions caused by the fight against the virus are lifted, the Vienna Opera and the Arena di Verona will reopen, the traditional Ascot horse races will take place, and the Luzhniki Stadium will receive fans.

Путешествия после COVID-19

Thirst for new experiences is one of the best properties of human character, and since this year she has a powerful incentive not to postpone what she wants to see right now.

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