Trendy Samarkand: modern locations of the ancient Uzbek city

Модный Самарканд: современные локации древнего узбекского города

In Samarkand, antiquity and modernity harmoniously coexist. An amazing symbiosis provides the centuries-old city with an original style and makes its image especially attractive to tourists. We suggest you go to the tourist capital of Uzbekistan for a fashionable hunt.

Samarkand is already about 2,800 years old, but it is young at heart. In recent years, many fashionable locations have appeared in Samarkand, as well as in Tashkent. Although they are not included in the UNESCO list as an architectural ensemble of the historical center of the city, they also allow you to freeze in admiration from looking at them. And they perfectly complement walks to famous ancient monuments.

Very soon we will go on a fashionable trip through the beautiful city of the Great Silk Road, but for now we suggest taking a look at the pages of a special project taking place at the ATOR site and dedicated to the tourist opportunities of Uzbekistan.

There you can get acquainted with the tourist life of the country, and choose a tour operator for the trip.


A review of the most spectacular and fashionable places in Samarkand could not have taken place without the beauty of Registan Square. This location is suitable for those who want to meet history and those who want to be on the fashion wave. They will be especially impressed by the Registan at night.

In the evenings, the facades of the iconic Ulugbek madrasah, Tillya-Kari madrasah and Sherdor madrasah turn into screens for a light and music show telling about the history of Uzbekistan.

Модный Самарканд: современные локации древнего узбекского города

Light and music show on Registan Square, Samarkand, Uzbekistan. Photo: Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Uzbekistan

Personally tested – the music program with 3D laser projections is so impressive that it makes your heart beat faster and at some point your consciousness completely takes you back to the days when people moved on magic carpet planes. Maybe they didn’t do that, but that’s how it feels here.


The magic continues in the El Merosi Theater, where the main “characters” are outfits.

The audience is immersed in the enchanting atmosphere of the majestic East through colorful national costumes, music and choreography. Before the performance, some costumes are displayed in the lobby, and the audience can view the details of the outfits.

Модный Самарканд: современные локации древнего узбекского города

At the El Merosi Theater, Samarkand, Uzbekistan. Photo: Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Uzbekistan

The most popular performance is “Along the Silk Road”. He introduces the customs and traditions of the inhabitants of Central Asia from ancient times to the present day.

The unusual historical costume theater is located on Navoi Street, 27. It makes sense to go to the performance early in order to have time to drink delicious coffee or eat on the large terrace at the theater.


Continuing the theme of beautiful clothes are designer boutiques. There are many of them in Samarkand. If you go, for example, to one of the shops of the Samarkand artisans center, located in a restored 19th-century caravanserai, you understand that buying an outfit here will be an excellent fashionable investment.

Модный Самарканд: современные локации древнего узбекского города

Uzbek beauty, national dress. Photo: Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Uzbekistan

Long flowing dresses, caftans made of brocade in the brightest colors, raincoats in the colors of the southern sunset – it is simply impossible to take your eyes off these laconic models.

Prices for handmade designer items are not budget-friendly, of course, but it is definitely worth it. But even if you can’t buy anything, you can just drink tea with sweets and take stylish photos for social networks.


A great place to replenish the fashionable Samarkand photo content can be the traditional quarters, which are called mahalla (literally translated – just “quarters”, in Turkish there is the same word, mahalle). Their inhabitants have preserved the way of life that has existed for centuries, and therefore it is very entertaining here.

Walking through the tangled streets of ancient neighborhoods, you immerse yourself in a simple, but suchan interesting life. There is a lot of life in the old mahallas. It was like being in a large communal apartment.

Модный Самарканд: современные локации древнего узбекского города

In the old quarters of Samarkand. Photo: Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Uzbekistan

Residents of adobe houses, as before, do not lock their doors, and barefoot children run after chickens in the yards where pomegranates grow. And pilaf is cooked right at the houses.

Such walks, as the correspondent of Vestnik ATOR has seen from his own experience, although walking through such neighborhoods in Tashkent, perfectly immerse into the unhurried rhythm of city life and give the most sincere emotions.

By the way, you can stay in such neighborhoods for a few days: there are locals who rent out their houses.


In terms of style and photogenic location, perhaps few places can compare with lavender fields. Not far from Samarkand there is a lavender farm Flora Baumschule, opened several years ago in the mahalla Chilkuduk.

Photo: lavender farm Flora Baumschule

People come there for particularly spectacular photos. There are many photo zones on the farm with different attributes for photo shoots.

And the entrance fee includes lavender tea, which you can drink in a nice summer cafe. Yes, recall that lavender fields bloom from May to October.


Party Samarkand is not a fantasy, but the most real thing. And bright and cheerful. This reality takes place on the Ozod Shark bar street.

It starts from the building of the Uzbek-Czech beer factory, which has existed since the 19th century. In pubs, bars, classic pubs located around the factory, of course, you can taste a foamy drink. There will also be kebabs, of course.

Модный Самарканд: современные локации древнего узбекского города

Tandoor gosht. Photo: provided by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Uzbekistan

“Bar favorites” of local residents and tourists – bar “Barrel”, Green bar, located in a historic building, Beer Time with karaoke, Beer Street Pub, with a large terrace.

Fans of a foamy drink, in addition to the bars on Ozod Shar Street, should also visit the Silk Road Samarkand complex, where, among other things, there is its own brewery “Khmelnov” and the meat restaurant El Sabor.


The Silk Road Samarkand complex, which opened in the summer of 2022, is of course famous not only for its restaurants.

It is beautiful in everything from a well–developed infrastructure, including high-level hotels, including a complex of wellness hotels, villas, a congress center, a stocked lake to all kinds of entertainment. The complex hosts enchanting shows and a unique historical and ethnographic park “Eternal City”.

Модный Самарканд: современные локации древнего узбекского города

Silk Road Samarkand. Photo: Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Uzbekistan

The Eternal City Park presents images of ancient cities of Uzbekistan, the traditions of which guests get acquainted with, including through national crafts. Craftsmen working in the “Eternal City” create ceramic products, dye fabrics and teach tourists how to weave silk carpets in a master class.

Tourists who have walked up are expected at the Great Samarkand restaurant, specializing in national cuisine. A good option is to go to the Afrosiyob restaurant, whose building is built in the style of the Zoroastrian period. Or you can just have tea in the teahouse.


Fashionable Samarkand does not end at these locations. There is also an interesting area called “Russian Samarkand”.

There are Orthodox churches, synagogues, a Catholic church, stately stone mansions. And soon, in Russian Samarkand, they plan to open a “Museum Square” – several museums that will be located in historical buildings.

Модный Самарканд: современные локации древнего узбекского города

This is how “Russian Samarkand” looks like. Photo: Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Uzbekistan

The most fashionable tourist locations in Samarkand, of course, include the picturesque Siab Bazaar, where you should definitely buy the famous Samarkand flatbread, and the Khovrenko winery, and a picturesque park next to the city hall, where you can walk surrounded by mulberry, coniferous plants, redwoods.

In short, there are many options for a fashionable holiday in Samarkand. So you can safely give free rein to your imagination and experiment with the images and combinations of Samarkand and eventually get the style that will inspire you.

Alexandra Polyanskaya

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