Ukrainians in Ireland: new rules of stay in 2024

Украинцы в Ирландии: новые правила пребывания в 2024

The Irish government continues to support Ukrainian refugees in need of asylum. In 2024, Ireland made changes to the conditions of stay, financial assistance and other aspects. The article tells in more detail about the current rules for obtaining protection for Ukrainians in Ireland in 2024. May 19, 2024 AUTHOR: Anna Galchenko 0 5 min

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Украинцы в Ирландии: новые правила пребывания в 2024

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At the beginning of 2024, almost 97 thousand Ukrainians received temporary protection in Ireland. Ireland continues to accept Ukrainian refugees who left their country because of the war. However, in 2024, the government changed the conditions for Ukrainians: financial assistance was reduced, but support in the field of education and job search was introduced.

To extend the status of temporary protection, you do not need to contact the institutions, the permit will be updated automatically. If necessary, you can download the updated document on the website of the Irish Migration Service.

How Ireland supports Ukrainian refugees in 2024

Since March 14, 2024, the decision of the Government of Ireland of December 12, 2023, concerning the change in the conditions of stay of citizens of Ukraine, came into force:

After moving from public housing to other housing, Ukrainians will be eligible for social security on an equal basis with Irish citizens.

Payments for Ukrainians with disabilities

Ukrainians with disabilities can receive social assistance in the amount of 220 euros per week (disability allowance). Additionally, they can get a chair for free and free public transport for themselves and an accompanying person.

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How do new arrivals get temporary protection in Ireland?

Rules of entry to Ireland

A visa to enter Ireland is no longer required for Ukrainians. Citizens of Ukraine can enter the country with any identification documents, such as an internal passport, biometric passport, ID card, birth certificate and others.

The Irish immigration authorities have asked carriers not to refuse boarding flights to Ireland to passengers without first contacting the country’s immigration authorities. All COVID restrictions in Ireland have been lifted.

Entry into the country with pets

Moving to Ireland with pets is allowed. But it is worth considering that since November 9, 2022, Ireland has not provided free housing to temporarily displaced persons arriving with pets. Border crossing is possible on general grounds. If you do not have enough documents, such as a vaccination certificate, you should notify the Department of Food, Agriculture and Marine of Ireland in advance.

Important! When planning a move, it should be borne in mind that there is an acute housing issue in Ireland. The Irish side cannot guarantee the provision of free housing, and renting a house at its own expense is not just due to a lack of offers on the real estate market.

How do I get temporary protection?

Ireland provides Ukrainians with asylum under the European Council Directive on Temporary Protection. The permit is issued at Dublin and Limerick airports. A representative of the migration service will ask several questions during passport control and issue a “yellow letter”, which gives the right to live in Ireland for a year with the possibility of extension. If you arrive at another airport or by ferry, contact your local Intreo social service. An application for temporary protection is processed for an average of two weeks. Medical insurance for this status will have to wait a little longer. For social benefits and paperwork, please contact Intreo centers.

Help centers

Assistance can be obtained at Dublin Airport and at assistance centers in three cities:

  • Cork: PSC and PPSN Center, Department of Social Protection, Hanover Street, T12 PX62.
  • Dublin: Guild Building, Cork Street, D08 XH90.
  • Limerick: Riverstone House, 23-27 Henry Street, V94 R7YE.

Work schedule:

  • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday: 09:15 – 17:00
  • Thursday: 10:30 – 17:00
  • Friday: 09:15 – 16:30
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