Unusual Petersburg: where to go with children for new experiences

St. Petersburg is a city of incredible opportunities for family holidays. Even the most discerning parents will find many interesting places here that delight the child’s eyes and arouse curiosity. 

Необычный Петербург: куда пойти с детьми за новыми впечатлениями

Walking along the historical streets, exploring cultural attractions, exciting adventures — all this awaits you in Northern Venice.

The city of white nights will reveal its treasures to those who know how to notice the beauty in the world around them. We offer a selection of amazing places and activities that will turn family leisure into an exciting journey full of joyful impressions. 

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Museum of Soviet Slot Machines

To plunge into the atmosphere of childhood, remember your favorite games and TV shows, introduce children to the world in which their parents grew up — there is such an opportunity in the museum of Soviet slot machines. There are rare specimens from collectible storerooms and private collections, more than 100 exhibits in total. 

The machines are not just restored — they can be tested in practice. Entertainment devices are appreciated by true connoisseurs for their unique design, sound, and original game mechanisms. Guests are immersed in the atmosphere of recreation parks and gaming clubs of the Soviet period. 

Children will love naval combat, shootouts, funny slot machines with mazes and trips to the world of dinosaurs. Adults will remember adventure games about space, pirates and pioneering romantics. Immerse yourself in the world of nostalgia and amazing discoveries! 

Planetarium No. 1

To awaken the child’s interest in exploring space and the mysteries of the universe, be sure to include a visit to the main planetarium of the city in the plan. An unforgettable sight awaits guests under the starry dome. Thanks to modern equipment, a stunning presence effect is created. 

Popular science films will introduce you to galaxies and constellations, travels to distant planets and the mysteries of the Big Bang. Vivid visual effects, comments from experienced lecturers, fascinating cartoons — such educational entertainment will give a lot of delight and contribute to the expansion of horizons. 

The program of temporary thematic exhibitions, educational lectures, and astronomical circles is no less interesting. The lobby has a hall with numerous interactive installations. And, of course, it is impossible to ignore the branded gift shop with all kinds of space paraphernalia. 


The oldest museum in St. Petersburg deserves special attention when planning family leisure. The Kunstkammer will impress even the most fastidious visitors with the richness of the exposition and the original presentation of the material. There is an amazing atmosphere here, in which history, science and art are harmoniously intertwined. 

In the halls dedicated to anatomy and anthropology, you can study the structure of the human body, the characteristics of various peoples and races. The natural history section tells about the flora and fauna of the planet, its geological monuments. No less fascinating are the exhibits of the ethnographic collection, telling about the everyday traditions and customs of different cultures. 

The Kunstkammer pleases with interactive exhibits that involve visitors in the process of learning. It also hosts thematic exhibitions, lectures, and workshops for children and adults. Antique showcases with rare curiosities will be transferred to the atmosphere of the cabinet of curiosities of the XVIII century.


St. Petersburg is a city full of inspiring discoveries. Here, interesting leisure awaits the most demanding parents and restless children. Give your child impressions that will remain in memory for a long time: fun, informative and bright — this is how a family vacation in the cultural capital takes place!

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