What to do in Bali in different seasons

Чем заняться на Бали в разные сезоны

Our correspondent stayed in Bali for six months and learned about the many activities available to tourists on the island in winter and summer. Temples and museums, rice terraces and waterfalls, beaches of the island and the islands in the neighborhood are the most interesting of the attractions with locations in our material. For convenience, we marked all the sights with geolocation points. Open the map and go ahead! 

Before starting the review, we remind you: when planning trips to various attractions in Bali (both independent and with excursions), always keep in mind the weather.

Contrary to the opinion that it is always summer in Bali, the weather on the island can be different – and the scorching “summer” winter in February-March, when the equatorial sun leaves blisters on unprotected skin in minutes, or the winter night cold in July, when one ill-considered walk on a scooter in the matter of clothes can cost a week in bed with a temperature.

There are different entertainments in different seasons. Let’s talk about them. 


There are a great many temples in Bali and if you set yourself the task of visiting the most famous of them, then be sure that this way you will get to know the whole island. For example, a selection of the most beautiful Balinese shrines compiled by colleagues from EUROINS Travel Insurance can help.

In order not to spend a lot of time on trips, you can postpone the west and north of the island until next time and focus on the south and east.

The easiest thing is to turn to Google maps, they will show the most famous temples and lead you there. Choose the most beautiful temple in the photo, go there and make a wish. They say Bali has big ears and he hears everyone.

On the way to the shrine, you can repeat after the locals: buy floral and edible offerings, light incense, change into swimsuits and stand in the waterfall letting go of all accumulated experiences.

Pura Lempuyang Luhur Temple: point on the map. 

Чем заняться на Бали в разные сезоны

Pura Lempuyang Luhur, Bali. Photo: ATOR

You will be near Amed, also stop by Tirtha Gangga Water Palace (dot on the map).  

Oolong Danu Beratan Temple: point on the map

Чем заняться на Бали в разные сезоны

Oolong Danu Beratan Temple in the center of Bali Island. Photo: ATOR

It is also worth seeing the stone statues in the rocks at the Gunung Kawi Tampaksiring temple (dot on the map).  

A little secret – a local temple can also be a great place to read. You can select it on the map (not one of the famous ones), come there on a scooter and sit on the prayer platform in the shade and in silence, reading a book from your phone, for example.


There are also temples of art on the island, but there are not very many of them and they are not as extensive as we are used to. However, museums and galleries will help you learn more about the history and architecture of Bali in any case. They also offer shelter from both the scorching heat and heavy rain.

Most of the museums are located near Ubud, but there are near the coastBali Museum: a point on the map.

The Puri Lukisan Museum in Ubud: a point on the map. 

Чем заняться на Бали в разные сезоны

Courtyard of the Puri Lakisan Museum in Ubud, Bali. Photo: ATOR

Neka Museum of Art https://maps.app.goo.gl/S8ptLUXASH7m9e3M9

Чем заняться на Бали в разные сезоны

Exhibit of the Bali Museum. Photo: ATOR

Part of exploring the island’s culture can also be participating in a Balinese ceremony or attending a Balinese dance show right in the center of Ubud.

Чем заняться на Бали в разные сезоны

Balinese dancing in Ubud. Photo: ATOR


In the hot months it is good to come to Ubud, which is located far from the coast surrounded by forests, which makes the temperature in the town lower than by the sea. In winter, the temperature difference here is especially pronounced at night.

Ubud can become a center for trips to the various waterfalls of the island. They also often serve as decorations for a photo shoot. Do not rush to condemn those taking pictures, the shots really turn out wonderful, and local residents who have learned from their clients from all over the world will help to make them professionally. 

Waterfall resembling a lightning bolt in shape: Tukad Cepung (dot on the map).

Waterfall with many cascades near Ubud: Kanto Lampo (dot on the map).


The green cascades of rice fields fascinate every traveler. This man-made beauty has cost hardworking Balinese endless hours of work. There are rice terraces in the center of the island.

The most famous of them are located in the area Tegalalang: a point on the map.  

Чем заняться на Бали в разные сезоны

Rice terraces in Bali. Photo: ATOR

To experience the island, it is better to turn onto a local road and drive through the villages. In different seasons, you can see the harvest– sometimes the whole road is littered with fruits that dry in the sun, leaving only a small path for scooters to travel.


You can climb the mountains and visit the huge botanical garden in hot summer, but introverts will enjoy such a trip on a rainy, foggy day. Those who are lucky enough to be in the Balinese garden in the fog will never forget this experience.

Botanical Garden: a point on the map. 

Чем заняться на Бали в разные сезоны

Bali Botanical Garden. Photo: ATOR


One of the attractions in Bali is to meet the dawn on the volcano. Travel companies take over the organization of such trips and the tourist can only follow the instructions of the guides.

Climbing the mountains in the cool predawn hours is not difficult if you like hiking. The rest will have to work hard, but it’s worth it. There are no words to convey how soundly you will sleep on the way back.

Чем заняться на Бали в разные сезоны

Predawn morning with a view of the sleeping volcano, Bali island. Photo: ATOR


The beaches in Bali, according to our correspondent, who lived there for six months, are ambiguous. Many of them are for the amateur. And there are not so many paradisiacal corners like in Thailand or the Philippines.

Чем заняться на Бали в разные сезоны

Wild beach in Bali. Photo: ATOR

One of them is really beautiful and suitable for those who decide to stay in Ubud. This is Blue Lagoon Beach: a point on the map. However, there is a coral bottom and during the waves you can get badly scratched.

Beautiful wild beach in Bukit – Pura Geger Beach: a point on the map. Here you need to be careful and take into account the time of the tides, otherwise you will walk back on the water.

Чем заняться на Бали в разные сезоны

Beach at low tide, Bali. Photo: ATOR

Black sand beach Pantai Saba – not for swimming, but for walking (dot on the map). Generally speaking, in the east of the island. Thanks to volcanoes, there are plenty of black sand beaches.

Чем заняться на Бали в разные сезоны

Black sand beach on the east coast of Bali. Photo: ATOR

But a truly idyllic landscape, warm blue sea and white sand can be found on the small Gili Islands next to Bali.

You can go there with travel companies that will pick you up by bus and take you to the pier, where you can take the ferry.

Чем заняться на Бали в разные сезоны

Gili Islands, Indonesia. Photo: ATOR


To get to know the monkeys in Bali, you do not have to go to the national park, but the greatest concentration of these forest dwellers is observed there. 

The forest of monkeys in Ubud: a point on the map. 

Monkey Forest in Sangeh: a point on the map.  

The most important thing is to remember safety when going to wild animals. Glasses, hats and everything that can be snatched from our hands, we hide, we fasten our bags, we take everything out of our pockets, we do not make sudden movements. They have been taught by sad experience.


Indulge yourself with food in Bali – the dishes there are not only delicious, but also aesthetically pleasing to the eye. 

Чем заняться на Бали в разные сезоны

Sweet and sour mangosteen in Bali. Photo: ATOR

Fish market (dot on the map) and a series of cafes next to it are always ready to feed the guest with fresh seafood.

Before sunset, the tables are taken out closer to the water, the portions are mostly large enough to eat (everything is relatively of course).

Чем заняться на Бали в разные сезоны

At a table on the beach in Jimbaran, Bali. Photo: ATOR

Чем заняться на Бали в разные сезоны

Shrimp at Jimbaran Fish Restaurant, Bali. Photo: ATOR

There are many excellent cafes and restaurants in Ubud, Kuta, and Changu. It is only necessary to find the best for yourself.

Be sure to try the tuna burger, mango sticks rice dessert and of course start the day with bright breakfasts, where not only different colors, but also different flavors are mixed in one plate. 


In Bali, you need to go for massages, get manicures and pedicures to match the color of juicy Indonesian flowers, and enjoy every day. 

Чем заняться на Бали в разные сезоны

By decorating yourself, you become a part of Bali. Photo: ATOR

For those who want steamy enjoyment, you can visit Bali Cottage with a real sauna in Ubud. 

It’s worth rewarding yourself for taking it so far. Enjoy the beauty and become a part of it yourself.

Anna Popova

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