Which mobile apps will make life easier in Germany? – tripmydream

Какие мобильные приложения упростят жизнь в Германии? - tripmydream

Mobile applications are becoming increasingly popular, helping residents of many countries in various areas of daily life. Below we have compiled a detailed list of travel guides that will become reliable helpers for living in Germany. November 17, 2023 AUTHOR: Darin’s penny 0 5 min

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Какие мобильные приложения упростят жизнь в Германии? - tripmydream

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Housing search

  • ImmoScout24.de (Google Play) is a convenient mobile application in which you will find available filters for renting, buying or selling housing, as well as commercial real estate. It is also important to note the automatic translator into English and German, which facilitates interaction with the application.
  • Immobilienscout (Google Play/App Store) is a platform for finding housing for rent, exploring real estate and choosing land for purchase.

You can book a hotel with a discount of up to -65% on the website.

Job search

  • The Indeed application & Stepstone (Google Play) is a convenient tool for job search via mobile phone. With the help of convenient filters, you can select a region, position and salary. Information about employee requirements and employers’ contact details is also available.
  • The mobile job search application Jobsuche App (Google Play) is suitable for both professionals and interns. Vacancies are shown on the map and you can set up filters based on location, transport route and salary requirements. The selected offers can be saved, and the support service adds to the usability of the application.
  • Xing (Google Play/App Store) is a job search and useful dating platform.


  • DB Navigator (Google Play/App Store) is a German railway mobile application that allows you to purchase tickets for intercity trains and public transport.
  • Flixbus (Google Play/App Store) is the most famous application of the lowcost bus company, where you can buy tickets for budget travel not only in Germany, but also throughout Europe.
  • In the applicationMobile.de (Google Play/App Store) a filter is available to search for a car by make, model and year of manufacture. Through this application, the seller and the buyer can interact and discuss all necessary issues.
  • Smartnavigator (Google Play) is a useful application for motorists that, like a navigator, displays traffic lights, traffic jams and accidents on the road, helping to plot the best route. Voice-over not only gives instructions, but also controls the speed by sending signals in case of exceeding.
  • The application Komoot (Google Play/App Store) allows you to calculate the distance, assess the level of physical fitness and approximate travel time, taking into account information about the road surface. The ability to use it without the Internet by downloading the route to your smartphone makes it especially convenient.
  • Clevertanken.de (Google Play) allows you to quickly find the nearest gas stations and check current gasoline prices.
  • Urlaubsguru & Urlaubspiraten (Google Play) – special offers of various tourist destinations.


  • Lieferando (Google Play/App Store) is an application that is an analogue of “Uber eats” and one of the most popular food delivery services in Germany.
  • Too Good To Go (Google Play/App Store) is an application for those who want to save money on grocery purchases. The program cooperates with restaurants and shops that have leftovers of unsold food for the day. It is important to keep in mind that the available products are quickly sold out.
  • Rewe (Google Play/App Store) and Picknick (Google Play/App Store) are mobile applications from supermarkets in Germany that support the first online ordering and delivery of groceries, pharmacy products and drinks. In addition, you can stack your shopping cart online and select the pick-up option for convenience.
  • Hellofresh (Google Play/App Store) is an app for those who appreciate cooking but are tired of searching for recipes. This service offers delivery of the exact amount of ingredients required for each individual recipe presented on the platform.


  • Doctolib (Google Play/App Store) is one of the leading applications included in the top 50 mobile applications that provides access to a wide range of medical professionals. The service offers a round-the-clock opportunity to record video consultations with a doctor. The application also stores the history of visits and medical documents. It is important to note that this application is relevant in the Schengen area, so it will be easier for you to get medical advice, even if you do not understand the language.
  • 116117.app (Google Play) is a mobile application that is used to serve patients and developed by the National Association of Compulsory Medical Insurance Physicians (KBV). It allows you to quickly find the nearest emergency points, get medical advice for free and view the results of tests.


  • Payback (App Store) is an application that allows you to accumulate bonus points while shopping in certain stores. Earned bonuses can be used to buy special gifts in the Payback online store or exchanged for euros to pay for goods in partner stores of the program.
  • N26 (Google Play/App Store) is the most popular mobile banking application in Germany, which provides access to easy account opening and financial transactions. The application automates the process by creating templates for convenience when used frequently.
  • Wise (Google Play /App Store) is another popular financial application in Germany that is used for international money transfers from a phone.
  • World Remit (Google Play/App Store) – allows you to make cross-border transfers in 150+ countries around the world.
  • Finanzguru (App Store) is a pretty interesting application that helps you create a budget based on projected expenses and income, while providing simultaneous control over your financial condition.

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