Wish List: Why you should visit Constance Hotels & Resorts

Список желаний: почему вы должны посетить Constance Hotels & Resorts

Constance Hotels & Resorts invites you to embark on an unforgettable journey. 7 luxury resorts located in the Indian Ocean — in the Maldives, Seychelles, Mauritius and Madagascar, enclose paradise.The silky smooth sand combined with crystal clear water and impeccable service have embodied the perfect recipe for a luxurious holiday where you can relax, forget boring everyday life and enjoy the simple joys of life.What could be more tempting? Keep reading to find out why you should visit Constance Hotels & Resorts.

It is no coincidence that truly luxurious hotels and resorts are located in the most fascinating corners of the world.
Throughout the year – and especially now is a great time to visit tropical islands. The temperature in these blissful lands rarely ever drops below 25 degrees, and the sunny climate guarantees a huge amount of vitamin D necessary for beauty and good mood.
Each of these magical islands is famous for its picturesque landscapes, as if descended from postcards. The relaxed atmosphere makes them an ideal place for a special holiday.Imagine the palm trees, coconuts and cocktails that are served to you while you relax in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean, among the breathtaking views. Perfection.

Список желаний: почему вы должны посетить Constance Hotels & Resorts

Now, more than ever, we need to cherish the precious moments of life. The last few years, full of tumultuous events, are the perfect time to indulge in escapism and bliss. Put aside the daily stresses of life and focus on creating magical memories with the people you love the most.
Constance Hotels & Resorts puts their soul, energy and emotions into everything they do. This is the main reason why you should visit these hotels. Here they consider their guests to be part of the family, so you can be sure that you will find yourself in safe hands. Your time will be spent rejuvenating and rebooting your mind and body so that you can return from vacation feeling brand new.

Список желаний: почему вы должны посетить Constance Hotels & Resorts

With 7 luxury resorts on 4 islands, one thing remains — an exquisite and unique experience. Whatever you are looking for, here you will be helped to create a celebration of your wildest dreams.
Constance Hotels & Resorts offer a wide range of different accommodation options. Water and beach villas, rooms with views of the tropical garden, hillside villas, junior suites, family suites and much more – and all this in luxurious interiors thought out to the smallest detail.

Your taste buds will be taken care of properly in any of the huge number of bars and restaurants. It offers a variety of food, drink and entertainment options designed to delight and delight guests.The resort chefs prepare the food very carefully, with great enthusiasm and attention to detail, promising you the most exquisite tastes. There are about 7 different bars and restaurants in each of the resorts, so you will always have a wide choice of places to drink and dine.

Список желаний: почему вы должны посетить Constance Hotels & Resorts

No matter where exactly you stay, you can be sure that there will be a lot of unforgettable entertainment in which you can take part participation. In Madagascar, you can enjoy incredible and wild nature, with rare and exotic plants and animals. The Maldives boasts tantalizing lagoons where you can swim, scuba dive or fish.For those who like a leisurely game of golf, both resorts in Mauritius and Constance Lemuria Resort in Seychelles are equipped with 18-hole golf courses with exceptional panoramas. These clubs are an unforgettable place to play under the bright sun, where both amateurs and professionals are welcome. In addition to golf, any of the hotels offers excellent spa and wellness services, a kids club and diving tours.

Список желаний: почему вы должны посетить Constance Hotels & Resorts

In short, 4 tropical islands, 4 paradisiacal corners of our planet — and 7 magnificent resorts Constance Hotels & Resorts just have to be on your “Must do” list.

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