Early booking of KLR Bus tickets: the cheapest way to get abroad is tripmydream

Раннее бронирование билетов на автобусы KLR Bus: самый дешевый способ добраться за границу - tripmydream

Now it is possible to travel abroad only by land transport. International trains are very popular, but experienced travelers choose to take the bus, as it is much cheaper and often even faster. Below we will tell you about a life hack, with which it will be even more profitable to travel by bus. January 05, 2024 0 3 min

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Раннее бронирование билетов на автобусы KLR Bus: самый дешевый способ добраться за границу - tripmydream

What is early booking?

For experienced travelers, the concept of early booking is unfamiliar. Every travel enthusiast knows about the main advantage of early booking – the opportunity to save significantly on buying tickets or booking a hotel room. Companies often introduce special fares for those who plan their trip in advance. This allows you to travel more profitably compared to buying tickets a few days before departure.

The national carrier KLR Bus is the first in Ukraine to introduce an early booking service for bus tickets.

According to the program of the new service, you can get several discounts. By booking bus tickets 30 days before departure, you get a 30% discount, 40% discount for 40 days and 50% discount for 50 days. Thus, by booking bus tickets to Germany or the Czech Republic, you can save up to half the ticket price!

How do I use the KLR Bus early booking service?

For the convenience of passengers, discounts for early bookings are applied automatically. That is, by picking up bus tickets in the app or on the website klr.com.ua you will immediately see the current price, taking into account the discount.

You can also book discounted tickets through the contact center, which operates around the clock and has direct telephone lines in Ukraine and Europe.

Thus, traveling abroad by bus allows passengers not only to conveniently plan their trip, but also to make it as profitable as possible.

Раннее бронирование билетов на автобусы KLR Bus: самый дешевый способ добраться за границу - tripmydream

Where can I go with KLR Bus?

KLR Bus is a Ukrainian company that has been carrying out passenger transportation from Ukraine to Germany, the Czech Republic, Poland, Belgium, Austria, the Netherlands, France, Switzerland, Slovakia and Luxembourg for more than 10 years.

The KLR Bus fleet consists of more than 80 comfortable Setra and Van Hool buses equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable trip: air conditioning, free high-speed Starlink Internet, audio and video support. On the way, they treat you to tea and coffee, you can keep warm with warm blankets and use the toilet.

How to get to Germany cheaply?

The best way to get to Germany profitably is to take the KLR Bus. Buses depart daily in every region (except Transcarpathian) and cover more than 60 cities of Ukraine.

More than 50 cities can be reached in Germany. The most popular destinations are:

  • Kharkiv 06:15 – Berlin 16:30, travel time – 34 hours and 15 minutes, the cost for early booking is 2,700 hryvnia.
  • Odessa 09:00 – Stuttgart 03:40, travel time is 42 hours and 40 minutes, the cost for early booking is 2,900 hryvnia.
  • Lviv 23:00 – Berlin 16:30, travel time – 17 hours 30 minutes, the cost for early booking is 1,900 hryvnia.

How to get to the Czech Republic cheaply?

It is also possible to get to the Czech Republic profitably using the KLR Bus. In the Czech Republic, you can reach more than 20 cities, the most popular destinations are:

  • Dnipro 06:40 – Plzen 17:35, travel time – 34 hours 55 minutes, the cost for early booking is 1,775 hryvnia.
  • Odessa 09:00 – Noon 17:35, travel time – 32 hours 35 minutes, early booking cost – UAH 1,725.

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