Expats are leaving Turkey en masse due to difficulties with obtaining a residence permit

Russians living in Turkey are promised to simplify obtaining a residence permit

Из-за сложностей с оформлением ВНЖ экспаты массово уезжают из Турции

The Turkish authorities have taken care of the problem of departure of foreigners who permanently resided in the country. In recent months, this process has been on the rise. According to official statistics, 44 thousand Russian expats left last year alone – 28% of the total number of our compatriots who were legally in the country. Both Europeans and citizens of other countries are leaving Turkey.The reason is not only the rapidly growing high cost, but also bureaucratic obstacles – it has become extremely difficult to obtain or extend a residence permit. Turkish Minister of Tourism and Cultural Heritage Mehmet Ersoy promised to tackle the problem, Hurriyet writes. The official intends to discuss with other departments the possibility of simplifying the registration of tourist residence permits. In particular, it is proposed not to interfere with obtaining or extending a residence permit for those who monthly deposit to a Turkish bank account an amount of at least 1.5 minimum wage – the minimum wage, that is, from about 75 thousand rubles (the minimum wage in Turkey today is 17 thousand lira – about 50 thousand rubles at the current exchange rate). Meanwhile, the problem is that it has become almost impossible for newly arrived foreigners to open a bank account. Moreover, there are many cases when even those who already had accounts are closed, sometimes without explanation. It turns out to be a vicious circle.According to Maria Sheker, a tour agent living in Antalya, it will not be easy to suspend the departure of expats. People do not believe any initiatives and promises after the tightening of immigration policy in Turkey. Registration of a residence permit has turned into a lottery – you can get a refusal, even after fulfilling all the conditions and providing impeccable documents. “The parents were given a residence permit, but their child was not,” she cites a recent case that her friends encountered. Russians who bought apartments at the resort and planned to live in them are increasingly forced to use their own real estate for rent, and themselves – to leave for their homeland or to other countries more loyal to expats. 

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