Expedition cruises from Vasta Expeditions – what kind of tourism is it, why are they so popular, how much do they cost, where do they take place?

Экспедиционные круизы от Vasta Expeditions – что за вид туризма, почему так популярны, сколько стоят, где проходят?


Over the past few years, a new type of tourism has been gaining popularity in Russia – expedition cruises. These are unique trips to remote corners of nature, which can be difficult to reach by land, and sometimes simply impossible. Let’s talk about where you can go this year on cruises in the Russian Far East and how much it costs.

One of the most interesting destinations for expedition cruises is considered to be the Russian Far East – it is there that some of the most amazing and little-known places on the whole planet are located.

Vasta Expeditions, the operator of expedition cruises, which is a project of the Arctic tour operator Panarctir Star, has been organizing real sea adventures in the Far East for several years, including developing corporate charter flights. Panarctic Star is the only tour operator in the world that conducts tours to Wrangel Island.

Expeditions take place in the format of research cruises and landings, when real experts work directly with tourists (members of the expedition team, of whom there are as many as 12 people on the ship), telling about the region, the customs of the peoples inhabiting it, local flora and fauna. Lectures and screenings of relevant films are held on board.

Экспедиционные круизы от Vasta Expeditions – что за вид туризма, почему так популярны, сколько стоят, где проходят?

Sea lions are looking at the expedition cruise on the Professor Khromov with interest. Photo: “Vasta Expeditions”.jpg

In 2024, for example, tourists on cruises will be accompanied by biologists, experienced travelers and photographers who will tell you how to make unique shots with wild animals, especially whales, and various natural phenomena.

In addition, tourists will enjoy daily visits to various islands with trekking in nature reserves, boat trips on zodiac boats with whale watching, killer whales in the wild, excursions and other activities. And if you’re lucky, the expedition members will be able to watch the eruption of the volcano.

During the cruise, you will also have the opportunity to go fishing, kayaking, SUP surfing, snorkeling, and swimming. And, of course, to admire the untouched nature of this part of Russia.

By the way, previously such complex and high-quality tourist products simply did not exist in the Far East, so it is not surprising that Vasta Expeditions became the leaders of expedition tourism in the Far East in 2 years.

Экспедиционные круизы от Vasta Expeditions – что за вид туризма, почему так популярны, сколько стоят, где проходят?

Tourists of the expedition cruise “Vasta Expeditions” in Chukotka. Photo of the Vasta Expedition


The ship “Professor Khromov”, on which the expedition cruises will take place, is a real research laboratory. It has an UL ice class, and at a time when there are no tourists there, scientists who conduct polar and oceanographic research live on the ship.

The dimensions of the vessel are relatively small – 71 m in length and 13 in width, so it can take no more than 46 tourists on board. But for expedition cruises, this is rather a plus, because thanks to its size, “Professor Khromov” can go where larger ships will not pass – and this is important when visiting protected areas.

The conditions on board, however, are very comfortable. For tourists, there are 23 cabins, including suites, as well as 2 restaurants where breakfast, lunch and dinner are served buffet style, there is also a bar and a coffee station with fresh pastries.

Экспедиционные круизы от Vasta Expeditions – что за вид туризма, почему так популярны, сколько стоят, где проходят?

On expedition cruises on the Professor Khromov, food is prepared like in the best restaurants in Moscow. Photo of the Vasta Expedition

The food for tourists is prepared by an experienced chef who worked in gourmet restaurants and was a member of the marine scientific expedition, so local specialties will appear on the menu. In your free time on the ship, you can go to the sauna, cinema room or to a master class.

On board and ashore, great attention is paid to the safety of passengers – all team members, starting with the captain, as well as Zodiac boat operators and tour leaders have extensive experience of expeditions in hard-to-reach places, including in the Arctic.

During the expedition, the team and tourists get closer – for them, for example, the captain’s bridge will be open at any time of the day, so that each passenger becomes almost a full member of the crew.

However, during the cruise, no one will be separated from the “mainland” – “Professor Khromov” is equipped with a satellite communication system, which allows you to make phone calls at any time.


Of course, the most exciting moments on expedition cruises are the opportunity to see unique natural and cultural phenomena. Among the routes of the “Vasta Expedition” in 2024 are the Northern Kuriles, Chukotka, Wrangel Island, the Commander Islands, Kamchatka.

By the way, all the programs are designed in such a way that they will be equally interesting for both children and adults.

On different cruises, tourists will see….




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