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Бесплатный Милан

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It may seem that Milan is all shops, boutiques and banks, but this is far from the case. There is a lot to see in this city!

Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie

This church on Piazza Santa Maria delle Grazie is known for being adjacent to the building that houses the Last Supper. If you want to see the famous fresco, then, of course, it will cost you some money, but you can visit the church itself absolutely for free.

The statue “Horse” by Leonardo da Vinci

To enjoy the creations of the great genius, you do not have to go to the museum — just walk around the city. For example, at the San Siro racetrack on Piazzale Angelo Moratti, you can see for free the sculpture “Horse” – the largest bronze statue of a horse in the world, made according to sketches by Leonardo at the end of the XV century.

Free parks

You can be alone with nature in Milan in one of the city’s free parks. The most popular and beautiful are the Sempione Park and the central park of Milan Giardini Publici.

Sempione Park is located between the Sforza Castle and the Arc de Triomphe della Pace. The park is like an open—air museum – with numerous monuments and fountains, and its winding paths are ideal for jogging or walking. There’s even a small lake here!

The public Park of Milan Giardini Pubblici is located near the “Golden Quadrangle” (Quadrilatero d’Oro). Here you can soak up on the shore of one of the three small lakes or spend time usefully at the Milan Natural History Center.

Gardens Guastalla is the oldest and, perhaps, the most cozy park in Milan, because it has not yet been chosen by the ubiquitous tourists. An ideal place for those who seek solitude, imbued with the true spirit of the city.

Sforza Castle

Take a walk around the courtyard, sit by the fountains, and don’t forget about the ancient bridge, the tower and, of course, the frescoes decorating the palace halls. You can walk around the Sforza Castle absolutely for free, but the museums are open to the public only on Friday after 14:00.

Бесплатный Милан

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