TOP 10 useful apps for Ukrainians in Europe – tripmydream

ТОП-10 полезных приложений для украинцев в Европе - tripmydream

The use of mobile applications when moving to another country becomes an integral part of obtaining information about transport, favorable prices, delivery, search for medicines or discounts. Below is a guide to applications and services that will make life in Europe much easier. December 12, 2023 AUTHOR: Darin’s penny 0 5 min

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ТОП-10 полезных приложений для украинцев в Европе - tripmydream

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Tripmydream (iOS)

Ukrainian air search service, where you can find great deals from the most popular airlines in the world and buy tickets at real prices without commission.

ТОП-10 полезных приложений для украинцев в Европе - tripmydream

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“I’m Ukrainian” (iOS, Android)

The application offers job search and training services, organization of excursions and search for volunteer centers. Users can also post ads about business openings and cultural events. “I am Ukrainian” is available only to Ukrainians and is included in the “Action” application for confirmation of citizenship.

When registering, the user must enter their email address and select “Log in via action.”

Currently, the application can be received in the following countries: Austria, Great Britain, Estonia, Israel, Spain, Italy, Canada, the Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, USA, Turkey, France, Croatia, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Sweden.

“Numo spilno” (iOS, Android)

This application, created with the aim of uniting and communicating Ukrainians abroad, is aimed at easy and accessible communication between compatriots, sharing experiences of life outside Ukraine, as well as finding friends and like-minded people.

There is also an event calendar where you can create your own events or select those that take place nearby, as well as search for Ukrainians in the vicinity.

The developers plan to expand the functionality of the application by adding the ability to create a community of interests, provide tools for employment and earnings, as well as organize festivals for Ukrainians.

“Podia” (iOS, Android)

The application from the Ministry of Integration of Ukraine is an initiative that allows you to get help and offer volunteer services. Anyone can take part.

Now in the “Event” Ukrainians can seek psychological or legal help, learn useful circles for children in different countries, participate in various meetings, conferences and online events from anywhere in the world.

Currently, the application is functioning in Berlin, but, according to the statements of the Ministry of Integration, it is planned to expand it to other European cities and states.

mObywatel (iOS, Android)

The analogue of the Ukrainian “Action”, the mObywatel application, now allows Ukrainians to use an electronic prescription to receive medicine at a pharmacy, showing a QR code instead of a PESEL number. Also, as Polish citizens, Ukrainians can receive a covid certificate of the European Union sample through mObywatel if they have been vaccinated or tested according to the Polish health care system.

The application also offers Ukrainians a personal document with the first name, last name, PESEL number, date and place of birth and citizenship.

It is available for adult refugees from Ukraine who arrived in Poland after February 24 and have a PESEL and an active proxy profile (Profil Zaufany).

Doctor Online (iOS, Android)

G is a platform where specialists from different fields of medicine are gathered. You can get a consultation in this service for free.

eTolls EU (iOS, Android)

The eTOLLs app is designed for Ukrainians and Europeans traveling in seven EU countries where toll roads are provided. With its help, you can prematurely pay road tolls and avoid queues for cash payments.

The app already supports the purchase of vignettes for the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Romania, Austria, Bulgaria and Hungary, and the number of countries may increase over time.

All the necessary information about tariffs is also available in the application, and in the future it is planned to introduce charitable services, allowing users to voluntarily donate to the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

You can purchase a vignette by entering the car number, choosing the country of travel, specifying contact details and choosing a convenient payment method.

Kiron (iOS, Android)

A useful application that provides Ukrainians with free access to language learning, programming and other educational courses.

Quizlet (iOS, Android)

For those who work or travel in Poland, the Quizlet mobile app is an essential tool for learning Polish. Its user-friendly and intuitive interface allows you to choose lessons on various topics and learn both individual words and whole sentences.

The app also offers special writing exercises and the ability to listen to the pronunciation of words. The user can create their own lists of words and sentences and even share them with friends.

ТОП-10 полезных приложений для украинцев в Европе - tripmydream

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Clear VPN (iOS, Android)

Ukrainian VPN service for secure and anonymous access to content anywhere in the world.

When using the promo code SAVEUKRAINE, the application provides a free version for users.

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