From Ukraine to Evropa by train: all possible routes

Из Украины в Эвропу на поезде: все возможные маршруты

Now, for Ukrainians, trips abroad are possible only by land transport. Due to the increased demand for international trains, it is often necessary to buy tickets with transfers. We have collected information in one place about all the trains that can be used to get to neighboring European countries. September 24, 2023 AUTHOR: Anna Galchenko 0 5 min

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Из Украины в Эвропу на поезде: все возможные маршруты

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How do I get to Poland by train?

The direct Kiev-Warsaw train still remains inaccessible to many travelers due to the small number of seats. Ukrzaliznytsia promises that it will expand the number of wagons in this direction in the near future. This will increase the ticket offer several times.

In the meantime, the most affordable way to travel now is to go to Poland by direct trains via Chelm and Przemysl. Ukrainian trains run to these border stations. To travel on the Polish railway, you can purchase tickets through PKP-Intercity online resources or on the train.

Life hack:

Each time Ukrzaliznytsia transfers a certain number of seats for sale to the Polish railway. Therefore, during your stay in Poland, you can contact the ticket office at the train station and buy round-trip tickets.

Из Украины в Эвропу на поезде: все возможные маршруты

The following trains run from Ukraine to Poland:


  • Train No. 67 “Kiev – Warsaw” departs from Kiev at 18:14, arrives in Warsaw at 10:23. Ticket price – from 1700 UAH. You can only buy tickets online on the Ukrzaliznytsia website or in the mobile application. The sale starts in exactly 20 days, tickets appear on the website at 8:00. When booking, you must specify the arrival station in Warsaw Vostochnaya.


  • Train No.019K “Kiev – Helm” — departure from Kiev at 18:14, arrival at 05:00 in Helm;
  • Train No.023K “Kiev – Helm” — departs from Kiev at 22:30, arrives in Helm at 12:14.
    The cost of the coupe is 1300 UAH.
  • Train No.093 “Kharkiv – Helm” — departure from Kharkiv at 14:07, arrival in Helm at 12:14.
    There are only compartments, the ticket price is 1600 UAH. It runs only on even days.


  • Train No. 053 “Kiev – Przemysl” — departure at 19:46 from Kiev, arrival at 06:30 (makes only one stop in Lviv);
  • Train No. 089 “Kiev – Przemysl” — departure at 22:52, arrival at 11:13. There are only seats in a compartment in the carriage worth 1800 UAH. The train runs every day.
  • Train No.715K Intercity Kiev – Przemysl — departure at 11:01, arrival at 20:25;
  • Train No. 705K Intercity “Kiev – Przemysl” — departure at 20:14, arrival at 04:54. The cost is 1054 UAH and 1504 UAH for 2nd and 1st class tickets.
  • Train No.073O “Kharkiv – Przemysl” — departure at 14:07, arrival at 11:03. The cost of a ticket in a compartment is 2400 UAH. It runs on odd days.
  • Train No. 032P “Zaporizhia – Przemysl” — departs at 20.15, arrives at 15.18. Ticket price – 2400 UAH.
  • Train No. 36SH “Odessa – Przemysl” — departure at 14:58, arrival at 06:30, ticket price – 1388 UAH. It runs daily.

Из Украины в Эвропу на поезде: все возможные маршруты

How do I get to Hungary by train?

As many as 11 trains run from Ukraine to Hungary. They depart from Kiev, Mukachevo and Chop and arrive in Zakhon. You can get acquainted with the full list of trains and their timetable on the website. There is also a direct train to Budapest twice a day:

  • No.33 Latoritsa — departure from Mukachevo station (platform West) at 12:30, arrival in Budapest-Nyugati at 18:37;
  • No.31 “Latoritsa” — departure at 16:30, arrival at 22:37.

Life hack:

Free train travel for Ukrainians continues to operate in Hungary, but only if they have applied for temporary protection in Hungary. For the rest, free travel is valid only on the Zahon – Budapest train. We recommend checking the information on the company’s website.

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