On what days is it most profitable to buy air tickets? – tripmydream

В какие дни выгоднее всего покупать авиабилеты? - tripmydream

Thursday is recognized as the cheapest day for international travel, and flights from 9:00 to 15:00 are least often canceled. What other life hacks for planning a successful trip are collected below in the article. September 29, 2023 AUTHOR: Darin’s penny 0 2 min

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В какие дни выгоднее всего покупать авиабилеты? - tripmydream

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  • For optimal availability and savings, international flights should be booked at least 60 days in advance (and no more than 4 months).
  • Tickets for domestic flights should be booked at least one month before the trip. This way you can save 24% of the cost.
  • Flights booked on Sunday will cost up to 13 percent cheaper than tickets booked on Friday.
  • According to statistics, the probability of canceling flights departing after 15:00 is 50% higher than for earlier flights.

It was also previously reported that on certain European routes, the cost of travel by rail mainly exceeds the cost of air travel by half. However, for some of the most popular routes, trains are still the most economical option.

According to the information unian.ua .

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