How can Ukrainians in Germany receive financial assistance for housing? – tripmydream

Как украинцам в Германии получить финансовую помощь на обустройство жилья? - tripmydream

In Germany, tenants usually receive apartments without furniture and must equip it themselves. For people with low income or even without income, it is possible to receive financial support for the initial construction of a new home through Jobcenter. Below is the basic information about the features of the help and its application. October 23, 2023 AUTHOR: Darin’s penny 0 3 min

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Как украинцам в Германии получить финансовую помощь на обустройство жилья? - tripmydream

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This support is available for the purchase of furniture, household appliances or repair materials after moving to a new home. Its amount is usually up to 1000 euros per person, with an increase in the number of people in the family, the amount of the allowance also increases.

What kind of furniture does the payment from Jobcenter provide for the purchase of?

The Employment Center finances basic items for a comfortable start in a new home. First, it is necessary to agree on a new place of residence and determine which items are needed. Among them may be: a bed, a refrigerator, a washing machine, a stove, an iron, a vacuum cleaner, bed linen, towels and dishes. TVs and laptops are not included in this list.

Also, during pregnancy and after the birth of a child, you can get special items such as a crib, a trolley and a changing table.

Features of applying for a housing allowance

The list should include all the necessary items and furniture for new housing, although this does not mean guaranteed financing of all elements. After that, you should fill out a standard application and expect a response within 1-2 weeks. Jobcenter will also determine the date of the visit for further action.

They can receive financial support:
  • the applicant who is receiving Jobcenter benefits;
  • the applicant aged 25 years and over;
  • the applicant making the first move to a separate apartment;
  • the applicant moving to a new one a place after a divorce and unable to purchase furniture;
  • an applicant who had a fire or accident in his previous home that was not covered by insurance.

The amount and type of benefit will depend on the individual situation, which will be analyzed by social workers after checking the housing.

Features of issuing certificates for goods

Jobcenter allocates gift certificates for refugees for the purchase of necessary things, specifying a specific amount and providing a list of stores where they can be used.

Agreements with stores allow you to purchase the necessary goods without providing reports. If money is given instead of a certificate, they may ask for receipts as proof of purchase. Usually, 200 euros are allocated for household goods, and 150 euros for furniture.

Where can I buy things for the house?

If the refugees have received money and do not know where to buy the necessary things for housing, they can find goods on their own. For example, they can check the following resources:

  • Ebay Kleinanzeigen. A website at the lowest possible prices, where you can find everything you need – from a phone to housing.
  • Facebook Marketplace. This resource will help you find something nearby or resell unnecessary items.
  • . A social communication platform for neighbors, where you can view ads for the sale or donation of things.
  • Quoka. A platform with free ads where you can find cheap things for your home, most of which are used.

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