Turkish catering owners were obliged to show current prices

The ministry’s decision is related to complaints from visitors

Владельцев общепита Турции обязали показать актуальные цены

Starting from January 1, the Turkish government will oblige owners of restaurants, cafes and pastry shops to hang the price list on the entrance doors, as well as on the tables, the decree was published in the official gazette of the government Resmi Gazete.

The ministry’s decision is related to complaints from visitors that the prices on the menu do not always match those that are then brought in the bill. Sometimes prices in cafes and restaurants changed due to rapid inflation, but the price on the menu remained the same.

The authorities hope that with clear information sheets, this problem will be solved. In case of violation of the new decree, catering establishments will face serious fines.

Documents on tariffs and price lists will be placed in front of the front door and on tables in restaurants, restaurants, cafes and similar workplaces offering food and beverage delivery services, so that consumers can easily see and read them.

The resolution will come into force on January 1, 2024.

In a statement, the Commerce Department also shared details of the regulation. Accordingly, it was stated that the prices of goods and services offered by restaurants, cafes and similar enterprises were constantly rising, significantly exceeding the inflation rate. There have been many consumer complaints.

In order to prevent such complaints from being filed with the Ministry, it became necessary to change the Regulation on price tags. The situation was changed after receiving the relevant opinion from the relevant professional organizations representing the sector.

The purpose of regulation is to inform consumers, protect their economic interests at the highest level and prevent possible complaints by ensuring that consumers can see tariffs and price lists in places where food and beverage services are offered, and make choices by comparing prices before entering the workplace. .

Consumers should be accurately and fully informed about the qualities and prices of goods and services before purchasing, while there should be no difference between price tags and lists and cash prices.

In 11 months of the year, the Ministry conducted inspections in 65,375 different companies, and a total of 20,209 companies were subject to administrative fines in the amount of 37,021,761 lira.

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