How to relax with children, not from children. Choosing a hotel for a family holiday.

Как отдохнуть с детьми, а не от детей. Выбираем отель для семейного отдыха.

Room with amenities for the whole family

Everyone dreams of getting enough sleep on vacation, so a two-room suite will be the perfect solution to this task. Parents and children will have their own space for sleeping and relaxing. Or you can choose a standard studio room, but with an additional place to choose from: a cot for a baby or a sleeping place for a teenager. This service is usually paid, but, for example, it is provided free of charge in all hotels of the Marins Hotels chain. By the way, at the reception you can also ask for a stroller for a walk, a bathtub in the room or a step for washing your hands.

Как отдохнуть с детьми, а не от детей. Выбираем отель для семейного отдыха.

It is also important to create an atmosphere of home comfort in the room. For example, the Yalta Intourist Hotel provides a children’s tent that can easily turn into a princess castle or a mysterious dragon cave. You can also draw, relax or even have a sweet sleep in it. The child will definitely be delighted.

Children’s menu in the hotel restaurant

When choosing a hotel, special attention should be paid to the restaurant menu, which is most often replete with local or, as they say now, “local” delights. But they are not always suitable for a small body. We have found the answer to this question as well.

Russian, European and Rostov-on-Don cuisines, as well as children’s dishes for all ages, are presented in the Swedish line menu at Marins Park Hotel Nizhny Novgorod, Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg and Rostov-on-Don, and now at the five-star Marins Grand Hotel Astrakhan. Chicken noodle soup, porridges, steamed cutlets and nuggets, mashed potatoes, cereals with milk, fresh vegetables and fruits, pancakes and much more. The choice is always rich: for breakfast, lunch and dinner. In addition, high chairs for children are freely available, which will create additional comfort for the child.

Как отдохнуть с детьми, а не от детей. Выбираем отель для семейного отдыха.

In one of the largest restaurants in Crimea, “Marble”, parents can enjoy seafood and cooking shows in the open kitchen, while young guests will gain strength on a special children’s Swedish line. Delicious and convenient. And then they will run to the game room, where they can actively spend time or watch cartoons.

Children’s animation at the hotel

And where without entertainment. Everything is individual in this matter: the child’s preferences, age, temperament. It is ideal if there are several types of leisure activities at once – from educational games to outdoor activities.

Как отдохнуть с детьми, а не от детей. Выбираем отель для семейного отдыха.

After analyzing the resort facilities in the southern region of the country, we found the most entertainment for children at the Yalta-Intourist hotel. The youngest guests will be interested in the children’s leisure and development center “Umka”. Educational workshops and active games are held here. There are modern and safe playgrounds on the territory of the hotel, as well as animation with full-length characters from your favorite cartoons. Activities of interest are organized for older children: board games, interactive programs, PlayStation 5 competitions, virtual reality attractions, football, volleyball, tennis, Mafia and karaoke.


If your child is under 4 years old, then accommodation and meals in all Marins Hotels will be free. And they also have discounts on the Marins Club loyalty program. Simple and profitable. In addition, there are also seasonal discounts, but it is better to clarify their relevance on the website or by phone.

Как отдохнуть с детьми, а не от детей. Выбираем отель для семейного отдыха.

Of course, there are more subtleties when planning a vacation with a child. They are individual for everyone. The difficulty lies in choosing a place that will be able to satisfy the needs of a guest of any age as much as possible. We have tried to make a selection of hotels for you, which took into account the main, most popular and whimsical wishes. Make the right choice, and your vacation will definitely be easy, carefree and will be remembered only for bright moments.

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