In Istanbul, a ticket system was introduced at the Hagia Sophia Mosque

В Стамбуле ввели билетную систему в мечети Айя-София

The Turkish authorities refer to the country’s Ministry of Culture, which decided to divide visitors into tourists and Muslim parishioners. The government said that restoration work is planned at the mosque, and different entrances will reduce queues. The Minister noted that religious residents of the country do not need to pay for admission.


Work began in 2023 with the installation of video surveillance systems, emergency notification, fire prevention and elimination. In autumn, the marble surface of the railings on the gallery floor was cleaned and preserved, which can now be viewed by travelers from other countries. In 2024-2025, restorers will finish the minarets and the exterior facade. Additionally, the building will be strengthened against strong earthquakes.

Officials note that the resumption of worship services will not affect the safety of the oldest church, its cultural and historical status. The entrance fee, according to the Turkish authorities, will help complete the restoration project and preserve the facility for posterity. 

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