Ski pass: what a beginner skier needs to know

Ski pass: что нужно знать начинающему лыжнику

Do you really want to finally get on skis or snowboards? Then you should already know what a ski pass is and why you need it. Don’t you know? We won’t tell anyone, but be sure to read this article. January 14, 2024 0 3 min

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A ski pass is a subscription that entitles skiers and snowboarders to use ski lifts in ski resorts or regions. Sometimes it is also called an elevator pass. In fact, this is a pass to the trails, which means it is the main source of income for resorts and, accordingly, expenses for tourists.

The ski pass looks like a magnetic card that needs to be attached to the terminal at the entrance to the lifts, or a paper ticket with a barcode (most often these are one-day passes).

Ski pass: что нужно знать начинающему лыжнику

Where to buy a ski pass

There are two options where to buy a ski pass: purchase directly at the resort or online on its official website.

If you want to save money, keep track of promotions with discounts. They are most often held in the low season — in March-April, when the weather is unpredictable and the tourist flow decreases (but you can still ride).

Also, various resorts give discounts on the types of ski passes that you are most interested in. So, most ski resorts in Finland are family-oriented, and therefore cheap ski passes for skiers with children (family) are sold here. Youth and hangouts, such as French Courchevel, Swiss Verbier and Italian Cortina d’Ampezzo, sell discounted ski passes for large companies. So it’s better to find out in advance about all types of passes at the resort where you are going on vacation.

Ski pass: что нужно знать начинающему лыжнику

Ski pass: что нужно знать начинающему лыжнику

Types of ski passes

Ski passes are ranked according to several criteria: the number of days, the age of the skier, the number of people and the time of year.

The greater the number of days, the cheaper the ski pass. Traditionally, the best option is a six-day ski pass, since most Europeans go on ski holidays for a week. But you can, if you wish, buy a pass for the number of ascents, and a one-day pass. However, their cost will be extremely unprofitable. The cheapest ski passes are passes for the whole season. But these are worth buying only if you are going to visit the resort regularly.

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