It’s time for the school holidays. What documents do a child need for recreation

You may also need an exit permit

Пора школьных каникул. Какие документы нужны ребенку для отдыха

To relax with a child in Russia, you will need a minimum package – a child’s birth certificate or passport, if any, and an MHI policy. When a young traveler has benefits, for example, disability, or he is from a large family, you also need to take certificates that confirm this. Such papers will help you save money when buying tickets or arranging excursions.To travel abroad, you may need a “maximum program”. First, the child needs a passport. Of course, the baby can be entered into the parents’ papers, but then it will not work to send him to the resort with his grandmother or aunt. They draw up personal documents for trips to other countries from birth, and the rules for this are not too different from adults. An important caveat: children grow up fast and their appearance changes a lot. If the child does not look like his passport photo, questions may arise at the border, so it is better not to wait for the expiration date of the passport, but to update it if necessary.Whether a child needs a visa depends on the legislation of the country to which he is going. You will not have to apply for anything in Turkey, Georgia or another country with visa-free entry. And for the Schengen area, young tourists need a personal document as well as adults.Papers confirming kinship or guardianship will be required at the border. When the surnames of the parents and the child match, it will be possible to get by with a birth certificate. If not, you may need marriage documents or a change of last name.You do not need to issue an exit consent if the baby’s mom and dad are married. When they are divorced, one of the spouses has the right to prohibit the child from flying to other countries. Whether the child has restrictions, you can check with the Federal Migration Service at the place of residence.If a student is going abroad with his grandmother, grandfather, aunt, older brother or other relative, he needs consent from one parent to leave. The document specifies where, with whom and for how long he is going. The document is issued for a specific trip or a certain period and notarized.Children, as well as adults, need insurance when traveling to other countries. It is usually included in the standard package from the tour operator. It is worth remembering that the child’s immunity is weaker than that of an adult, there is a risk that the baby will not tolerate acclimatization well. Just in case, the insurance can be extended.

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